What you need to know to kickstart a Wikidata Initiative

Wiki Education is hosting webinars all of October to celebrate Wikidata’s 10th birthday. Below is a summary of our second event. Watch the webinar in full on Youtube. Sign up for our next two events here. After checking in on the state of Wikidata and cultural heritage last week, this week we wanted to explore … Continued

The State of Wikidata and Cultural Heritage: 10 Years In

Wiki Education is hosting webinars all of October to celebrate Wikidata’s 10th birthday. Below is a summary of our first event. Watch Tuesday’s webinar in full on Youtube. Sign up for our next three events here. Never before has the world had a tool like Wikidata. The semantic database behind Wikipedia and virtual assistants like … Continued

Counteracting historical erasure of women in STEM

It’s difficult to imagine a more efficient way to celebrate achievements.   “Wikipedia is one of the most-visited websites in the world, and the go-to resource for reference and background information,” said Christian Anderson who completed our recent Wiki Scientists course sponsored by the American Physical Society. “When STEM minorities are included in Wikipedia, their … Continued

Food justice in action: students fill in the blanks on Wikipedia

“This was my first time editing and creating in Wikipedia,” Diana Castaneda told Wiki Education. Diana recently graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) with a BS in sociology. At first, she was a little nervous about the unfamiliar digital aspect of an assignment where students write for Wikipedia. “Because I am not savvy with computers, … Continued

How to leverage the Wikipedia assignment in a job interview

The pandemic has dramatically altered the job landscape. This is especially true for students who might be entering the workforce for the first time. Having learned how to edit Wikipedia truly sets you apart in what is going to be a trying job market. We want to help you convey your exceptional skills to your … Continued

Students document workplace health risks on Wikipedia amidst global pandemic

Are you familiar with occupational epidemiology? It’s the study of whether working conditions are safe for workers. As workplaces determine whether or not it’s safe to open up facilities again and resume “normal” work amidst a global pandemic, organization leaders are ideally making these important decisions with science and employee safety in mind. Public health … Continued

Family planning doesn’t stop during a pandemic, so neither do the experts

We’re all quickly learning that in a global pandemic, non-COVID-related healthcare looks very different from what we were accustomed to. This is a new age of telehealth, where people access health services through communication technologies rather than in-person visits. As we hear from our Society of Family Planning (SFP) Wiki Scholars, a group of reproductive … Continued

When a student’s pride in their work lives on

Andrew Oh was drawn to the Wikipedia assignment even before taking Dr. Joan Strassmann’s class at Washington University in St Louis. “In fact, I signed up for the class because its course listing description talked about how we’ll be writing for Wikipedia,” Andrew tells us in an interview. “No other class on the listing had … Continued

Engineering students are helping inform millions about Zoom’s data privacy practices

As classrooms and workplaces have turned virtual over the last month plus, many are finding that video conferencing is hardly a perfect replacement for in-person interaction. Not only that, they’re also raising privacy concerns that many didn’t have to consider before. How does Zoom collect and use our personal data? What should consumers be aware … Continued