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Category: Webinars

Recent news from Wiki Education

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Host a webinar to learn about Wiki Education’s free tools

In May, I continued our efforts here at Wiki Education to expand our visibility. This time, by hosting two webinars for interested institutions. On Wednesday, May 23rd I called into the Wikipedia session at Fordham University’s Faculty Technology Day. And on Tuesday, May 29th I spoke with faculty at Eckerd College. I’m excited to work with … Continued

Expanding our support of language and translation projects

Last week, I called into an online meeting with faculty from Santa Clara University’s Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. The workshop was organized by Department Chair and Associate Professor Jill Pellettieri with the hope of encouraging her colleagues to expand their pedagogical practice around language and translation assignments to include Wikipedia. With over 5 … Continued

A day in the life: working online and in-person to expand the reach of Wiki Education programs

According to Wikipedia’s article about Higher education in the United States (citing the National Center for Education Statistics), there were 4,627 degree-granting postsecondary institutions in the US in 2015. Since Wiki Education was founded in 2014, we’ve worked with 553 institutions where instructors have asked their students to improve Wikipedia as part of an in-class research project. Our … Continued

Deep Carbon Observatory asks members to close gaps on Wikipedia

Last week, I called in to the Deep Carbon Observatory’s (DCO) Webinar Wednesdays to talk about the link between Wikipedia and Higher Education. The DCO is looking to improve deep carbon science on Wikipedia. They already host a Wikipedia Visiting Scholar to improve the depth of work in their field. With this webinar they were hoping to … Continued

“Totally sold!” Why UTA instructors are excited to teach with Wikipedia

Last Friday, I hosted two online workshops for instructors and librarians at the University of Texas at Arlington who wanted to learn more about Wiki Education programs. At the end of my first presentation one instructor said they were “totally sold” on participating… here’s why! Teaching with Wikipedia is a service learning assignment When students … Continued

Join our webinar on unlocking scientific knowledge on Wikipedia

The public is yearning for scientific knowledge, and scientists wish to make their findings and expertise available to the world at large. Despite these intersecting goals, the public often struggles to find clear, comprehensible scientific information. Meanwhile, the scientific community often finds its work tightly guarded behind paywalls, or drowned in the sea of media … Continued