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Category: Testimonials

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Learning to claim Wikipedia: Feminist pedagogy and praxis

This reflection on teaching with Wikipedia in the classroom as a feminist praxis is co-written by Dr. Ariella Rotramel and Wiki Education’s Cassidy Villeneuve. Dr. Rotramel is the Vandana Shiva Assistant Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at Connecticut College. She has reflected on her experience in our Classroom Program before, found here. Feminist pedagogy continues … Continued

Three surprising things I learned about Wikipedia

Dr. Bradley Zopf is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Carthage College. He recently participated as a Wikipedia Fellows in our pilot program as a member of the American Sociological Association. In this reflective piece, he discusses three things he’s taken away from the experience. As an Assistant Professor of Sociology, Wikipedia has usually been near the … Continued

A people person becomes a Wikipedian

Dr. Sine Anahita is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She participated in our recent Wikipedia Fellows pilot program as a member of the American Sociological Association. In this post, she reflects on what she has taken away from the experience. You know how some persons are cat people, and some persons are … Continued

Academics improve Wikipedia: a powerful opportunity for public sociology

Dr. Michael Ramirez is Associate Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. He participated in our Wikipedia Fellows pilot this spring as a member of the American Sociological Association, one of the three associations that collaborated with us in this pilot. Here, Dr. Ramirez reflects on the opportunities that Wikipedia presents for public sociology. I have a confession to make. I … Continued

“Don’t cite it, write it!” Why teaching students to improve Wikipedia is valuable

Dr. Zach McDowell, Assistant Professor of Communications, gave a talk on March 2 as part of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Learning Sciences Research Institute Speaker Series. In his talk, “Don’t Cite it, Write it! Student Learning Outcomes and the Wikipedia Assignment,” Dr. McDowell walks through how a Wikipedia assignment works, what tools and support Wiki … Continued

Fostering inclusion in academia, Wikipedia, and beyond

By improving Wikipedia as a classroom assignment, students increase the public’s access to previously inaccessible knowledge, and improve Wikipedia’s coverage of underrepresented topics. And in the process, they learn about their own privilege to information as a university student as well as the social and historical forces at work regarding the sharing and recording of … Continued

A classroom assignment that “makes the world a better place”

Dr. Ben Karney was interviewed by Howard Blume on KPFK’s show Deadline LA in March, along with two of his doctorate students, as well as Wiki Education’s Deputy Director and Director of Programs LiAnna Davis. He had a lot to say about the nature of a Wikipedia assignment, and why, as a psychology professor, public scholarship like … Continued

Putting it all together: details of a Wikipedia assignment

John Kleefeld taught with Wikipedia in Spring 2017 as associate professor at University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law. He has since joined the University of New Brunswick faculty as dean of law. This is a republication of his reflections about a Wikipedia assignment, originally published at the conclusion of his Spring 2017 course on the University of Saskatchewan’s … Continued

Contributing political science knowledge to our collective conscious

Dr. Royal G. Cravens, III is a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Bowling Green State University. He recently participated in our Wikipedia Fellows pilot, an opportunity for subject-matter experts to learn how to contribute to Wikipedia. Dr. Cravens is a member of the Midwest Political Science Association, one of the three associations that collaborated with … Continued

How students are helping to curb misinformation, an interview with WMNF

Wiki Education’s Executive Director Frank Schulenburg was featured on listener-supported community radio station, WMNF, along with Laura Runge, a professor of English at the University of South Florida, and her student Elizabeth Ricketts. Laura is an instructor in our Classroom Program, and taught with Wikipedia in her course last fall, Jane Austen Bits to Bytes. In the … Continued