About Us

Located in the Presidio in San Francisco, Wiki Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that envisions a world in which students, scholars, scientists, archivists, librarians, and other members of academic and cultural institutions are actively engaged in sharing their knowledge with the general public through Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other open collaboration projects on the web.

From its inception in 2013, Wiki Education has supported instructors at more than 500 universities who have incorporated creating new content for Wikipedia into their curriculum. Students gain 21st century skills, including media literacy, writing and research development, and critical thinking, while content gaps on Wikipedia are filled as a result of students’ contributions. These efforts have resulted in more new content than was in the last print edition of Encyclopædia Britannica. New editors recruited through Wiki Education account for 19% of new contributors to the English Wikipedia.

Since 2018, Wiki Education has been training scholars and scientists from a diverse range of institutions in contributing their subject-matter expertise to high-profile Wikipedia pages that reach millions of readers. It collaborates with institutions like the National Archives or the Smithsonian, as well as with a range of academic associations on projects aimed at better informing the general public. As part of a fee-for-service model, the organization has expanded its course offerings to also include trainings about Wikidata, the open knowledge database that powers virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri.

Wiki Education is thriving and has had excellent results and proven impact in its program areas. The organization has a budget of $2.4M, staff of 15 and seven-member governance board. Initially they pursued an array of fundraising activities and found that institutional funders are particularly interested in this work. Approximately 85% of Wiki Education’s budget comes from grants and 15% from earned revenue. It is expected that the earned revenue component will increase, but there will always be a need to fund programmatic activities. To that end, Wiki Education needs to further develop relationships with institutional funders that have an interest in advancing knowledge, knowledge sharing, pedagogy, and learning.

The team at Wiki Education believes that the world is a better place when projects like Wikipedia and Wikidata are enriched by new content and the public has access to free knowledge that can be relied upon. This is a data-driven, outcomes-focused, high-output environment with strategy and intentionality driving everything they do.


Open positions

Associate Director, Institutional Funding

Wiki Education is seeking a creative, proactive institutional funding professional who can connect the dots between programs and the interest of funders.

Serving as the individual focused on increasing contributed revenue, the Associate Director reports to and works most closely with the Executive Director, but also collaborates with the program staff to ensure that current and future programs are sufficiently resourced. Success will be measured by attracting new funding, maintaining relationships with current funders, and broadening the number of organizations that fund Wiki Education. There is a lot of room for the Associate Director to be creative and entrepreneurial.

Immediate priorities are:

  • Thoroughly understand Wiki Education – its values, history, culture, communities, programs, personalities, and constituencies; understand its base of financial support and the short and long-term funding requirements; provide leadership for any in-process funding activities.
  • With the Executive Director, review and begin to co-create a strategy to identify and engage with new foundations for operational and project-based funding.
  • Develop relationships with and secure the trust and confidence of the Executive Director, key funders, board members, staff, influencers, and others critical to funding efforts.

On an ongoing basis, the Associate Director’s responsibilities are:

  • Establish and cultivate relationships with institutional donors; manage the day-to-day fundraising activities; ensure adherence to grant and restricted giving agreements; provide transparency so that the state of play and funding pipeline is understood.
  • Collaborate with the Chief Programs Officer to ensure funding is available for Wiki Education to reach its programmatic goals; remain informed on programmatic innovations and outcomes; proactively reach out to potential funders to convey new opportunities to support.
  • Collaborate with the senior leadership of Wiki Education in the preparation of annual operating plans and budgets, incorporating fundraising projections into the budget of the organization.
  • Undertake direct donor cultivation and solicitations as appropriate.
  • In time, grow an appropriately lean team scaled to the results and requirements of the overall fundraising effort.


  • A mission-driven individual with a belief in and commitment to the benefits of the free access to information. Success in working in rapidly evolving environments; comfort in a technology-driven environment.
  • Broad-based knowledge of institutional funders, experience building relationships through mission-supporting ventures; proposal development and grant adherence, and support systems for research; organized with a keen eye toward details.
  • Ability to recognize the alignment of funders’ interests with Wiki Education programs; a solid, easy communicator, both in writing and speaking; comfort in preparing and making effective presentations to diverse groups large and small.
  • A good listener and strategist; comfortable receiving high-context, detailed input from many sources; an independent and open-minded individual who values and appreciates diversity, input and collaboration from various constituencies.
  • Curious and self-directed; energy and fortitude; one who thrives in a small, collegial environment; and a sense of humor.

Wiki Education offers generous benefits, including fully paid insurance premiums for family members, telecommuting two days a week, and much, much more.

For more information please contact:

Lisa Grossman

(650) 323-3565

m/Oppenheim Executive Search 1009 General Kennedy Avenue San Francisco, CA 94129