Increased content on Wikipedia means increased public awareness.

Millions of Americans turn to the internet for information. That search typically includes Wikipedia. As the top online educational resource on the planet, with more links from search engines than any other site, Wikipedia is one of the most powerful platforms for the dissemination of knowledge in the world.

That’s why Wikipedia is a powerful opportunity for academic associations interested in sharing reliable, vetted information about their discipline with the world. It’s a chance to make an impact on public knowledge.

In our academic association partnerships, the association formally encourages its members to participate in Wiki Education’s programs. Wiki Education staff support their instructors to create powerful, engaging assignments that target writing, research, and media literacy skills. Along the way, these students fill content gaps on Wikipedia in their field of study.

It’s an elegant solution that challenges students while bringing better information to Wikipedia. For academic associations, it’s a way to make sure that quality content about a discipline is well-represented on Wikipedia. Together, we can help research and knowledge from academia reach the public sphere.

Active Wiki Education Partners:

In collaboration with these partners, Wiki Education has created a series of subject-specific brochures that align with their academic focus. That’s included guides on ChemistryPsychology, Women’s Studies, and Sociology.

Become a partner:

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