Author: Cassidy Villeneuve

Author: Cassidy Villeneuve

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Four reasons why psychology students should improve Wikipedia

In 2016, Dr. Eric Youngstrom’s students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill learned how to improve Wikipedia articles as a class assignment. That term, a group of students improved the article about sleep disorders, adding a section about the use of melatonin as a possible treatment. As research shows, melatonin pills can help people fall … Continued

Now hiring: Wikipedia Content Expert

As our Classroom Program and our emerging professional development program both continue to grow, we’re looking for an additional, part-time staff member to support our new and returning participants as they make meaningful contributions to Wikipedia. The Wikipedia Content Expert will spend time monitoring and tracking contributions by Wiki Education program participants, answering questions, and … Continued

Monthly Report, June 2018

Highlights Wiki Education held its second in-person board meeting for the 2017-2018 fiscal year in Tiburon. Our Senior Leadership team informed the Board of key initiatives the organization is planning to undertake in fiscal year 2018–19. Board members also discussed and approved Wiki Education’s new strategic plan, as well as the annual plan and budget … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ May 2018

Highlights The success of our Wikipedia Fellows pilot was featured in the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) publication Footnotes. It’s great to see that academic associations like ASA and their members are as excited as we are about the prospects of academics learning how to improve Wikipedia. Read the article by Community Engagement Manager Ryan McGrady … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ April 2018

Highlights We hit a major milestone this month in our Classroom Program. Students have officially contributed more words to Wikipedia since our program’s inception in 2010 than were published in the last print edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. Executive Director Frank Schulenburg wrote a piece about the significance of this milestone, which can be read … Continued

An assignment that inspires students beyond the classroom

It’s rare that students return to a research paper or project after their work has been graded, and even more rare after their course has ended. That’s the power of a Wikipedia assignment. As instructors and students have recounted, when students learn how to evaluate and contribute to Wikipedia as an assignment, inspiration can reach … Continued

Natural-born Wikipedian got her start in a Wiki Education-supported course

Elysia Webb first started editing Wikipedia as a graduate student at the University of Florida in January 2017. She improved the Wikipedia article about the Florida bonneted bat in Emily Sessa’s Wiki Education-supported course, Principles of Systematic Biology. A few months later, she reflected on our blog about the experience, writing, “The semester that I signed up for my Wikipedia … Continued

Understanding borderlands in a global context on Wikipedia

Many of the millions who visit Wikipedia every month are looking for information to understand their current political climate. They may be researching candidates or policies related to upcoming midterm elections. Or they may be looking to understand how our history has shaped present day affairs. Encyclopedias and other accessible knowledge resources (like newspapers) are vital … Continued

University students are collaborating with UNESCO on Wikipedia

This spring, Wiki Education began working with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to bring freely licensed, well-researched information to a mass audience on Wikipedia. Several United Nations agencies have published text under an open license for the public’s benefit, and both UNESCO and Wiki Education recognize that this information could reach … Continued

Students write about science for a worldwide audience

“By writing for Wikipedia — writing in an objective, approachable way using credible sources and meeting the standards of the Wikipedia community — students in the sciences learn to collaborate in writing with a far-flung and purpose-driven community and to use their writing skills and access to scholarly sources to improve public access to science.” … Continued