Atlassian gives visibility to women in STEM through a Wiki Scientists sponsorship

Atlassian has partnered with Wiki Education to support the creation of more biographies for women in STEM and help close the site’s gender content gap. Only 19% of Wikipedia’s biographies on English Wikipedia are about women. Systemic issues continue to prevent women in STEM from receiving due recognition for their significant contributions to their fields … Continued

Physicists tackle Wikipedia’s gaps around climate mitigation

Experts are becoming Wikipedia editors in efforts to put the latest climate research in front of public audiences. When it comes to experts’ understanding of climate science and the public’s understanding, there are some well-documented differences. American Physical Society members have been closing the gaps with impactful work on Wikipedia. With 18 billion page views … Continued

Chemistry student demystifies battery technology through Wikipedia

Last year, 1 out of 7 cars bought around the world was an electric vehicle. That’s a huge uptick from just 6 years ago where only 1 in 70 were EVs. As consumers seek to understand more about this fast-growing market, it’s likely they’ll turn to Wikipedia for clear explanations of complex topics. Take lithium … Continued

Applying the Wikipedia assignment to a career in chemistry

Robin Stoodley’s CHEM 300 course at the University of British Columbia is a third-year undergraduate course on communicating chemistry. Students are asked to think about the context of their topic and their audience when they write. As the course focuses on written communication of scientific topics, the Wikipedia assignment is a great fit. Students take … Continued

Writing the book on primate archaeology

When I send Adela Cebeiro an email asking to interview her about Wikipedia, I get an out of office message that she’s doing fieldwork in South Africa. Considering I’m writing to ask her about her experience in Justin Pargeter’s African Prehistory course at New York University, I’m impressed but not surprised. Adela just finished the … Continued

Healthcare information for all: including LGBTQ families in Wikipedia

These students made Wikipedia’s information about fertility care and family planning more inclusive of the LGBTQ community. Their work continues to be read 1,500 views every day, well beyond the conclusion of their course. What other assignment can say the same? Dr. Cynthia Gabriel’s course about LGBTQ Reproductive Health invites students at the University of … Continued

Examining China’s one-child policy through an interdisciplinary lens

Professor Yajun Mo’s course at Boston College delves into the changes in Chinese women’s lives through a period of profound change on the Chinese mainland: from the mid-19th century to the present. Yik Tung Tsui, a junior from Hong Kong majoring in history and mathematics, was one student in the course last year. He was … Continued

A literature review that lives way beyond the classroom

Courtney Hall, Mary Strecker, and Rachael Ballou all took Christine Lattin’s Environmental Physiology course last term. They dove into how species survive in their environments, deal with common problems, and adapt to extreme conditions–from deserts to the deep seas. Then they took what they learned and they shared it with the world. That is, the … Continued

Bolstering women’s voices and histories on Wikipedia

You may be aware that Wikipedia suffers its fair share of gender imbalance and that many are working to change it. Only 19% of biographies are about women. But the gender gap isn’t just about content. It’s also about the contributors who write that content–87% of whom identify as male. It’s important to bring women’s … Continued