Category: Wikidata professional development

Category: Wikidata professional development

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GLAM professionals excited about the possibilities of Wikidata

Our first two Wikidata virtual courses wrapped up last week! Wikidata, the open linked data repository for Wikimedia projects, is growing in popularity with museums, cultural heritage institutions, and libraries. The professionals in our first two Wikidata courses have been bridging their library collections and Wikidata. The open data repository presents opportunities for library staff … Continued

Expanding the reach of your library collections through Wikidata

“Contributing content to Wikidata has a ripple effect. It’s a great way for libraries to contribute our resources to a wide variety of communities and meet users where they already are. It also presents opportunities to facilitate a community’s involvement in, design of, and creation of information.” – participant of our July 2019 Wikidata workshop … Continued

Why is Wikidata important to you?

Why is Wikidata important to you? You may not know it yet, but Wikidata is very important to you. For years most people were suspicious or cautious about Wikipedia being a reliable source. Now the Library of Congress tracks items in Wikidata, making it an authority whose reliability has improved significantly in recent years. And … Continued