Four reasons why psychology students should improve Wikipedia

Interested in teaching with Wikipedia? Visit or reach out to for more information about how Wiki Education can support you and your students as you improve Wikipedia’s psychology coverage as a part of the Association for Psychological Sciences Wikipedia Initiative. Join the psychology instructors whose students have added 1.7 million words to Wikipedia, reaching 118 … Continued

Monthly Report, June 2018

Highlights Wiki Education held its second in-person board meeting for the 2017-2018 fiscal year in Tiburon. Our Senior Leadership team informed the Board of key initiatives the organization is planning to undertake in fiscal year 2018–19. Board members also discussed and approved Wiki Education’s new strategic plan, as well as the annual plan and budget … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ May 2018

Highlights The success of our Wikipedia Fellows pilot was featured in the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) publication Footnotes. It’s great to see that academic associations like ASA and their members are as excited as we are about the prospects of academics learning how to improve Wikipedia. Read the article by Community Engagement Manager Ryan McGrady … Continued

Interdisciplinary scholars are bringing their expertise to Wikipedia

Our new program trains scholars to improve Wikipedia articles in their areas of expertise. The 3-month online course (which meets virtually once a week) presents an opportunity for professional development and public scholarship, equipping scholars with the tools they need to expand the impact of research in their discipline. So far, cohorts are improving Wikipedia’s … Continued

Expanding the APS Wikipedia Initiative

This weekend, Wiki Education is attending the Association for Psychological Science’s (APS) annual meeting here in San Francisco. In our ongoing efforts to communicate science to the public, we are at the conference to promote the APS Wikipedia Initiative. APS has partnered with Wiki Education over the last three years to highlight Wikipedia as the first—and often … Continued

Monthly Report, August 2017

Highlights Wiki Education staff members and board chair PJ Tabit traveled to Montreal, Canada, for Wikimania 2017, the annual gathering of Wikimedia editors from around the world. Several staff had presentations in the schedule, and we learned a lot from other program leaders and shared our learnings. We wrapped up our Google Summer of Code … Continued

For Wikipedia, the Doctor is in … class

When many people want to understand the side effects of a medication, or to diagnose a new pain or rash, the first line of inquiry for medical advice is a doctor named Google. Many—if not most—of those searches end up on Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia has 25,000 medicine articles, seen by 200 million people per … Continued

Monthly Report for February, 2016

Highlights The Wiki Education Foundation organized its all-staff meeting in February. The meeting provides an opportunity for face-to-face meetings between local and remote staff, and encouraged an atmosphere of increased collaboration focused on skills development and the annual planning process. Between training sessions and discussion of annual plan priorities and goals, staff also engaged in … Continued