Interdisciplinary scholars are bringing their expertise to Wikipedia

Our new program trains scholars to improve Wikipedia articles in their areas of expertise. The 3-month online course (which meets virtually once a week) presents an opportunity for professional development and public scholarship, equipping scholars with the tools they need to expand the impact of research in their discipline. So far, cohorts are improving Wikipedia’s coverage of sciencemid-term elections, and more. We’re announcing another cohort today. This one is improving a wide array of topics, including chemistry, psychology, mathematics, linguistics, and women’s studies. We’ve partnered with the American Chemical Society, Association for Psychological Science, Association for Women in Mathematics, Linguistic Society of America, and National Women’s Studies Association to make it all happen.

See for more information, including application opportunities.

Meet this cohort’s scholars!

American Chemical Society (ACS)

  • Raychelle Burks of St. Edward’s University looks forward to contributing her expertise as an analytical chemist working in the field of forensic science.
  • Raymond Campos is Product Development Scientist at Illumina, Inc. He is interested in providing Wikipedia readers with expert, technical information about materials chemistry and nanotechnology, particularly new materials, new technology, and emerging health concerns around performance materials.
  • Martins Emeje is a Research Fellow at National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development. He is interested in green chemistry and sustainable development; their effect on the environment; and how to effect social change towards a safer, healthier environment.
  • Dan Esterline is Science Division Chair at Thomas More College. With a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, he plans to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of the subject.
  • Joseph Franklin is a graduate student and research associate at the University of Texas at Austin. With technical expertise in organic chemistry and molecular biology, he is also interested in contributing to Wikipedia’s coverage of the history of chemistry and current developments in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Frank Hobbs will improve Wikipedia’s coverage of the physical chemistry of climate, given his PhD and area of expertise.
  • Jennie Qu-Lee is a social psychology PhD candidate at New York University. She is always seeking out opportunities to empower the general public and looks forward to contributing to Wikipedia articles about social perception, social vision, judgment and decision-making, and racial discrimination.
  • Ralph Stuart is Chemical Hygiene Officer at Keene State College. He is interested in improving Wikipedia articles related to chemical safety issues.

Association for Psychological Science (APS)

  • Robbie Bennett looks forward to contributing her expertise in general psychology to the world’s top source of information.
  • Patricia Brooks is a Professor at College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center, CUNY. She is interested in improving biography articles of psychological scientists (especially contemporary) and closing the gender gap in Wikipedia coverage.
  • Donna Roberts is Department Chair and Associate Professor of Social Sciences & Economics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She is interested in contributing to articles related to all aspects of human behavior. Donna is intrigued by the collaborative nature of this endeavor and is interested in working with colleagues to enrich her experience, their experience, and the platform for others.
  • Darrell Rudmann is Associate Professor at Shawnee State University. Taking this program as an opportunity for service learning, he plans to improve articles related to general psychology, educational psychology, learning/memory, and applied cognition.
  • Joye Swan is Professor and Department Chair at Woodbury University. She has a background in research related to sexuality, sexual minorities, stigma, and the psychology of fear. She will contribute to articles about basic psychological principles and theories, helping to make Wikipedia a reliable source for all.
  • Rebecca Thomas is Academic Advisement Program Coordinator at Nevada System of Higher Education. She is interested in improving articles about social psychology, identity, research methods, and social psychological theory.
  • Mickie Vanhoy of University of Central Oklahoma is interested in improving articles related to complex systems, data interpretation, psycholinguistics, nonlinear dynamics, meta-cognition, disinformation, research methods, pseudoscience, replication, scientific method, persuasion, just-world theory, health myths, healthcare decisions, propaganda, peer-review, scholarship, evidential reasoning, critical thinking, logical fallacies, cognitive bias, and theories of leadership.
  • Abby Walsh is a graduate student, teaching assistant, and research assistant at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She looks forward to contributing to public knowledge in her areas of expertise: gender, gender development, media, popular culture, and child development.

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

  • Jennifer Erway is an Associate Professor at Wake Forest University. She’d like to use her expertise in numerical mathematics, computational mathematics, and scientific computing for the good of humanity. She’d also like to inspire other women in mathematics to become Wikipedia Fellows.
  • Gizem Karaali is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Pomona College. She would like to focus on extending and enriching Wikipedia’s coverage of living mathematicians, in particular women and people of color. She is also interested in starting or contributing to an article on mathematical poetry.

Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

  • Tyler Kibbey is an MA student at the University of Kentucky. He is interested in improving articles related to Conceptual Metaphor Theory and LGBTQ linguists.

National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA)

  • Jozette Belmont is a research assistant and CUNY Pipeline Fellow.
  • Zoe Brigley Thompson is Assistant Professor at Ohio State University.
  • Vivian Deno is Associate Professor of History at Butler University.
  • Jocelyn Frelier is Assistant Professor of French at Sam Houston State University.
  • Alicia Kozma she/her Assistant Professor, Communication and Media Studies Assistant Professor, Communication and Media Studies
  • Laura Mays Hoopes is Professor Emerita and Halstead-Bent Professor of Biology and Molecular Biology at Pomona College. She is interested in improving Wikipedia’s coverage of women in science and molecular biology.
  • Shealeen Meaney is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Helen M. Upton Center for Women’s Studies at the Sage Colleges.
  • Kathy Nguyen is a doctoral candidate and graduate teaching assistant at Texas Woman’s University.
  • Tessa Nunn is a graduate student and instructor at Duke University.
  • Elizabeth Ozment is Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Virginia.
  • Jen Shook is a Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Oklahoma State University. Her work explores commemoration in performance, literature, and digital media, particularly stories and practices that amplify Native Americans and other underrepresented groups. Inspired by “Re-Writing Wikipedia” and other open-access information projects, she has recently been teaching with Wiki Education at Grinnell College to increase online information about Indigenous playwrights and media artists.
  • Shenee Simon is a graduate student, as well as Executive Director of Younger Women’s Task Force, San Antonio.
  • Mara Witzling is Professor of Art History and Women’s Studies, Emerita at the University of New Hampshire. She has a PhD in medieval art, modern art, and theory/criticism.
  • Yung-Hsing Wu is Professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


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