Wiki Education Foundation Monthly Report: May 2014

Highlights We launched our new website. We will continue to build out various areas, but now there is a central place for information about the Wiki Education Foundation, our participants, and our activities. We have an active blog that you can subscribe to by email or RSS at We announced the hiring of three new staff … Continued

Wiki Education Foundation Monthly Report: April 2014

Highlights The Wiki Education Foundation welcomed LiAnna Davis as the Head of Communications and External Relations. In her new role, LiAnna will be responsible for key communications with news media and other Wiki Education Foundation stakeholders (including the Wikipedia community), and for building educational materials targeted at instructors and students. Also, LiAnna will be responsible … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ November ​2018

Highlights Chief Programs Officer LiAnna Davis attended WikiCite 2018, a three-day conference in Berkeley, California, aimed at creating an open repository of all bibliographic data. WikiCite brings together Wikimedia community members, especially those who work on Wikidata, librarians, and other professionals whose work is connected to citations. The conference is structured as learning day, a … Continued

Monthly Report, August 2018

Highlights We announced our upcoming collaboration with the National Archives (NARA) to run a course to train scholars how to edit Wikipedia. We’re thrilled about working together to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of women’s suffrage in the United States and related topics. David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, also published an announcement about the opportunity … Continued

Monthly Report, February 2018

Highlights We had our all-staff meeting in February, one of two such events throughout the year. It was a great opportunity to discuss the organization’s future strategic direction in general and begin our annual planning process for next year. George Mason University Visiting Scholar Gary Greenbaum brought the article on U.S. President James K. Polk … Continued

Closing the gender gap in STEM

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is coming up on February 11! This day recognizes the achievements and contributions of women in STEM fields, and the barriers that they and future women scientists face. Wiki Education holds a commitment to improving coverage of these women on Wikipedia. Visibility of their accomplishments and lives … Continued

The Roundup: History and Psychology

Eleanor Gibson was a psychologist who contributed to the understanding of childhood perception. Most notably, she designed the “visual cliff” experiment, which gave psychology textbooks the ubiquitous and horrifying image of a baby crawling off the edge of a tabletop. Her experiment showed that newborns of many species have an instinctual understanding of depth. (It’s … Continued

Benefits, from Both Sides of the Assignment

Two pieces caught our attention this week, both focusing on using Wikipedia in the classroom, one from a student’s perspective and one from an instructor’s. Dariusz Jemielniak’s piece, “Wikipedia, a Professor’s Best Friend,” in the Chronicle of Higher Education, notes the American Sociological Association’s Wikipedia Initiative as a sign of “a closer collaboration between academia … Continued