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Category: Conferences

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Wiki Education joins psychologists at Palo Alto University to talk psychology + Wikipedia

Yesterday, Wiki Education was at Palo Alto University for their first annual Evidence-Based Teaching Conference. I presented alongside Dr. Patty Brooks, Professor at the College of Staten Island of the City University of New York and Doctoral Faculty at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and Elizabeth Che, a doctoral student at The Graduate Center. We shared … Continued

Teaching History with Wikipedia

Though chiefly concerned with the past, an increasing number of historians are turning to new technologies to ply their trade. The growing field of digital history is helping historians to comb through large quantities of historical data and to, in many instances, reimagine the past. It’s no surprise then, that a number of historians would … Continued

Learning and sharing at Wikimedia Conference 2017

Wiki Education runs programs connecting Wikipedia to higher education in the United States and Canada — but the world is larger than just the boundaries of our programs. There are many organizations and individual volunteers around the world who, like Wiki Education, also run programs to form relationships between Wikipedia and educational institutions, associations, and … Continued

Wikipedia in the Environmental History Classroom

Environmental history is one of the most rapidly growing academic fields. The number of history departments employing an environmental historian has grown from just 4.3% in 1975 to 45% in 2015. The field focuses on the ways humans have shaped and have been shaped by their environment. With recent events like those in Standing Rock … Continued

Inviting criminal justice instructors to make information available to the public

When students bring a critical eye to Wikipedia, comparing its available content to their course readings, academic studies, and personal experiences, they’re often surprised at what information is missing. During their assignment to research a topic and write about it on Wikipedia, they remedy that information disparity. In Annette Nierobisz’s course on Women, Crime, and … Continued

Students, Sources, and Sentinels at AAAS

In February, Boston played host to thousands of scientists, policy makers and journalists who attended the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The conference took place against a background of mounting concern in the scientific community about the future of science during the new presidential administration. While the conference … Continued