Reema Haque

Author: LiAnna Davis

Author: LiAnna Davis

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Welcome, Reema!

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Wiki Education team. Reema Haque will be serving as the marketing and communications intern this summer at Wiki Education. Reema will be helping tell the story of the Scholars & Scientists Program. Her work includes identifying communications opportunities and marketing needs, writing and designing marketing … Continued

Student wins U-Mich writing award for Wikipedia article

The University of Michigan’s William P. Malm Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student Writing in Japanese Studies is awarded each year for an outstanding undergraduate paper. Past honorees were usually honored for writing traditional academic papers. But this year’s award went to Aja Brandmeier for improving the Wikipedia article on Birth control in Japan. “I have … Continued

Informing the public about psychological science: Ben Karney

Ten years ago, then-Association for Psychological Sciences President Mazarin Banaji put out a call to action for faculty to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of psychological science. In particular, Banaji encouraged faculty to assign students to edit Wikipedia, in collaboration with what’s now known as Wiki Education’s Wikipedia Student Program. Ben Karney of the University of California … Continued

Student editors contribute COVID-related content

Last week, we published an evaluation report about the project Wiki Education undertook over the last year to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic through our Scholars & Scientists Program. But that wasn’t the only Wiki Education program improving content related to COVID-19 on Wikipedia: At least 40 student editors across 21 courses in our Wikipedia … Continued

Improving politics and public policy articles

The fall 2020 academic calendar in the United States overlapped with one one of the most talked-about elections in history, the November 2020 election in the United States. English Wikipedia’s community of active editors followed well-established procedures to tackle misinformation, a huge topic of debate. But college students editing Wikipedia as a class assignment through … Continued

Wiki Education works to fix Wikipedia’s gender gap

International Women’s Day gives Wiki Education an opportunity to reflect on the work we’re doing to address Wikipedia’s gender gap. On Wikipedia, the gender gap manifests itself in two ways: content and contributors. Wiki Education has been making progress toward addressing both disparities. When it comes to content gaps, you may be aware that only … Continued

A Wikipedian gets assigned to edit Wikipedia in a college class

Adam started editing Wikipedia anonymously in elementary school, making minor copy edits. In 2017, over winter break from high school in Novato, California, he started experimenting more seriously, creating a user account (User:KidAd), improving the writing on a variety of articles, and tackling articles on movies, albums, and politicians. Three years later, he’s racked up … Continued

10 years of student editing

Over the last several weeks, Wiki Education has published a series of blog posts loosely themed around the 10 year anniversary of our Wikipedia Student Program, where we support higher education instructors who assign their students to write Wikipedia articles as part of the course curriculum. It’s been amazing to watch this program evolve and … Continued