Category: Spring 2016

Category: Spring 2016

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Student-written Wikipedia articles compiled in textbook for future classmates

This term, Dr. David Webster is trying something new. “This year’s textbook [is] written by previous years’ students,” he announced over Twitter, much to the excitement of his followers. Dr. Webster has taught his students at Bishop University how to contribute to Wikipedia as a classroom assignment for a few terms now. In his Spring 2016 course, Memory, truth … Continued

Four reasons why psychology students should improve Wikipedia

Interested in teaching with Wikipedia? Visit or reach out to for more information about how Wiki Education can support you and your students as you improve Wikipedia’s psychology coverage as a part of the Association for Psychological Sciences Wikipedia Initiative. Join the psychology instructors whose students have added 1.7 million words to Wikipedia, reaching 118 … Continued

98% of instructors would teach with Wikipedia again

If you teach with Wikipedia once, you’ll want to do it again. At least, that’s the case for respondents of our Spring 2016 end-of-term survey. We ask instructors in our programs for feedback at the end of every term. Every time, we hear that the majority want to teach with us again, and this term … Continued

Bugging Wikipedia: Opening up insect ecology

Dr. Chelse Prather assigned students to write Wikipedia articles as part of her “Insects and Society” course at Radford University. In this post, she discusses the design of that course, and the benefits it brought to her students. Insects affect human daily life in both positive and negative ways. Most humans are not conscious of … Continued

The Roundup: Behind a glass of water

Many California restaurants won’t automatically bring water to your table. Signs dot college campuses apologizing for brown grass. It’s all part of a plan to tackle California’s historic drought. Understanding local water supplies is more important than ever. That’s why we’re so impressed by the work of students in Dr. Julian Fulton’s ENVS 110 Course … Continued

How Geobiology came to Wikipedia

We hear many stories of scientists visiting Wikipedia, only to find that knowledge related to their field is missing. A chemist may find certain compounds don’t have an article; a zoologist is likely to find a species of bird isn’t well described. That’s one of the things that inspired us to focus so much energy … Continued

UPitt Visiting Scholar is opening access to women’s health information

The miracle of Wikipedia is that it has been assembling the world’s knowledge for 15 years, all of it contributed from volunteers. It is not only a collection of the world’s knowledge, then, but a reflection of the world’s passions. This can, however, tie Wikipedia’s content to leisure. For many, contributing to Wikipedia is a … Continued

The Roundup: Dinosaur science

Wikipedia is the perfect medium for communicating a joy for science. Every spark of curiosity leads to a new question, and Wikipedia offers paths for a mind to wander. When we saw that there was a class about dinosaurs, we got pretty excited. There’s something compelling about giant, “terrible lizards” roaming the planet. We all … Continued