15 years of Wikipedia and education

January 15th marks Wikipedia’s 15th birthday. In those 15 years, the encyclopedia that anyone can edit has become one of the few resources that people can use to research a topic, or settle a bar bet. But among academics, Wikipedia has had a rockier path to acceptance. Today, the Wiki Education Foundation has worked with … Continued

Summer Seminar pilot final evaluation available

As part of our partnership with the Association for Psychological Sciences, we took on a small pilot this summer to encourage instructors to edit Wikipedia. While we’ve successfully encouraged students to edit through our Classroom Program, their instructors tend to only improve student-written articles, rather than writing their own articles. One of the goals of … Continued

Wiki Ed announces ASPB partnership

I’m excited to announce that Wiki Ed has signed a partnership agreement with another academic association—the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). Plant scientists and their students will add important research to Wikipedia, making information available to people outside of the discipline. ASPB’s mission to advance the scientific study of plants aligns with our goal … Continued

Monthly Report for June 2015

Highlights Educational Partnerships Manager Jami Mathewson and Executive Director Frank Schulenburg traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with seven academic associations. As a result of these meetings, all associations declared a strong interest in partnering with Wiki Education Foundation in the future. The American Sociological Association signed a partnership agreement during Jami’s and Frank’s visit. … Continued

Monthly report for May 2015

Highlights Wiki Ed welcomed two new staff in May, bringing our total to 13. Tom Porter has been hired as the Senior Manager of Development. Tom is responsible for securing financial support for our programmatic activities. We also officially welcomed Ryan McGrady, who had been serving as our interim Classroom Program Manager while Helaine Blumenthal … Continued

APS partnership expands psychology class participation, pilots Summer Seminar for faculty

The Association for Psychological Sciences was one of the first academic associations to see the potential for an initiative promoting the improvement of content on Wikipedia. In 2011, they kicked off their APS Wikipedia Initiative, and four years later, it’s still going strong. In May, Wiki Education Foundation staff attended the APS Annual Convention to … Continued

Monthly report for February 2015

Highlights Wiki Ed signed partnership agreements with the National Women’s Studies Association, Association for Psychological Science, and Communication across the Curriculum at Louisiana State University. These partnerships help us target our outreach to course topics related to Wikipedia’s content gaps. During a planning sprint in Seattle, Sage and LiAnna laid the foundation for digital infrastructure … Continued

Monthly report for December 2014

Highlights The fall 2014 term wrapped up, with Wiki Ed supporting more student editors, courses, and instructors than ever before, and the most content added to Wikipedia. While the majority of student editors added high-quality content, a handful of courses encountered challenges adding quality content to Wikipedia, and Wiki Ed’s Programs team is working on … Continued

Wiki Education Foundation Monthly Report: July 2014

1. Highlights After meetings with representatives of American Sociological Association (ASA), the Association for Psychological Sciences (APS), and the National Communication Association (NCA) this spring to establish their goals for their Wikipedia initiatives, we embarked on a strategy of strengthening our educational partnership support, with a reorganization of the programs department. Jami Mathewson has moved … Continued