Author: Frank Schulenburg

Author: Frank Schulenburg

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Welcome, Victoria and Evan!

All of us at Wiki Education would like to formally welcome part-time employees Victoria Padilla and Evan Monk to our organization. Victoria Padilla is joining Wiki Education as a part-time executive assistant.Victoria provides executive level support and helps to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Her responsibilities include providing general administrative support, supporting our Executive Director and … Continued

Ten years of Wikipedia Education Program – a look back

This fall, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Wikipedia Education Program. Started as an experimental pilot project by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2010, it quickly grew into a global program run by different organizations across more than 80 countries. Over the past decade, Wiki Education – an independent spin-off of the Wikimedia Foundation – … Continued

An update on our monthly reports

Since Wiki Education started in 2014, we’ve been making the ED’s monthly reports to the board public. We’ve invested a lot of staff time into creating and distributing these reports in three formats: a designed PDF uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, a wikitext version published on the Wikimedia Foundation’s Meta wiki, and a full text version … Continued

Monthly Report, June 2020

Highlights June marked the end of our Spring 2020 cohort of courses, and we couldn’t be more proud of our instructors and students. To say that Spring 2020 was a challenging term is a gross understatement, and we’re incredibly grateful to and impressed by all of our instructors and students as they forged ahead with … Continued

Monthly Report, May 2020

Highlights In May, we launched a Wiki Scientists course in partnership with 500 Women Scientists, facilitating as 20 members of 500 Women Scientists learned how to expand Wikipedia’s biographies of women in STEM. Thanks to a high demand from their members, we have continued searching for additional funding to support more women scientists as they … Continued

Announcing our 2020–21 Annual Plan

Today, we’re sharing Wiki Education’s 2020–21 Annual Plan. The plan, and budget, were approved by the Board of Trustees at its June meeting. We’re sharing the plan here as part of Wiki Education’s commitment to sharing information about our goals and spending. It’s a report on our work last year, and a look ahead to … Continued

Please help us strengthen Wikipedia’s COVID-19 information

Please help us with getting relevant COVID-19 information out to the general public. Wikipedia has developed into being one of the most trusted sources of information. The online encyclopedia and the volunteers that write it have played an important role in this global pandemic from day one: By providing critical information about the infectious disease, … Continued