Category: Spring 2015

Category: Spring 2015

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Discussing disability studies and Wikipedia at SFSU

Disability studies is an interdisciplinary field. Wikipedia, and other sources, often frame disability as simply a clinical issue. But disability, like most forms of knowledge, is a complicated interaction between bodies and culture. Disability studies is focused on critiquing these intersections. To do that, students must draw from a vast interdisciplinary field connecting history, sociology, … Continued

Wiki Ed attending the National Women’s Studies Association conference this week

At the end of 2014, Wiki Ed started an educational partnership with the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA). The goal of our initiative was to get more women’s studies courses, as well as female students, involved in writing Wikipedia content as an assignment. Some estimates place Wikipedia’s contributors at 90% male. The high percentage of … Continued

Chanitra Bishop: 5 ways Wikipedia can help teach research and critical thinking skills

In this post, Chanitra Bishop, Web and Digital Initiatives Librarian at Hunter College, draws from her experiences using Wikipedia in classrooms and libraries. Her recommendations are useful for framing classroom discussions during Wikipedia assignments, or can operate as stand-alone media literacy exercises to complement any kind of assignment.  When it comes to doing research, Wikipedia may … Continued

Monthly Report for September

Highlights The fall 2015 term is underway, and we have 74 new instructors in our Classroom Program. That means our number of new instructors this term exceeds the total number of courses in every term before fall 2014. Wiki Education Foundation welcomed its first four Visiting Scholars: Barbara Page and Casey Monaghan at the University … Continued

I am Ask me anything.

This week, we’re unveiling, a question-and-answer platform to support Wiki Education Foundation’s programs. Wikipedia has detailed help pages on just about any Wikipedia-related topic you can think of. That’s the problem is trying to solve. With so much help text written over the years, it’s hard for new editors to find specific answers. … Continued

Wehwalt is George Mason University’s Wikipedia Visiting Scholar

I am pleased to announce Gary Greenbaum (User:Wehwalt) as George Mason University’s Wikipedia Visiting Scholar. The Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program connects an experienced Wikipedia editor to a sponsoring research library. The library provides access to tools and special collections, and the scholar uses those resources to contribute content to Wikipedia. Gary initially teamed up with … Continued