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Category: Announcements

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The Future of Facts: Informing and engaging citizens through Wikipedia

In the age of fake news and the sheer volume of information on the Internet, having trustworthy digital resources is more important than ever. We no longer turn to publishers, subject matter experts, or even news outlets for most of our information – we look to Wikipedia. But even one of our most relied upon sources of … Continued

Announcing the Wikipedia Fellows Pilot Cohort

Last Monday, nine scholars from three academic associations met with Wiki Education staff for the very first meeting of our new Wikipedia Fellows pilot! The idea behind Wikipedia Fellows is inspired by our Future of Facts initiative, to help subject-matter experts contribute to the most socially and politically relevant Wikipedia articles. For years, we have supported students … Continued

New brochure helps students editing history articles

History is one of the most popular disciplines for teaching with Wikipedia — but it’s also an area where students sometimes struggle. In history classes, students tend to do research, drawing conclusions from primary sources. But that’s not how history articles on Wikipedia are constructed as original research isn’t allowed on Wikipedia. Instead, student editors … Continued

Announcing our Annual Plan

Wiki Education’s Board of Trustees approved our Annual Plan and Budget for Fiscal Year 2017–2018 at their June meeting. I’m pleased to share the full document here, which both recaps the work we did last year as well as highlights what we plan to do next year (Wiki Education’s fiscal year runs July 1 to … Continued