Author: Samantha Weald

Author: Samantha Weald

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Wikipedia, Webinars, and Wiki Education

Each year I meet hundreds of instructors and librarians excited about the idea of bringing our Wikipedia assignment into their classes. Sometimes it’s an easy conversation about upcoming courses, updating syllabi, and designing the right project to achieve learning objectives. Other times, the conversation is a bit harder – what if someone is excited about … Continued

Engaged Learning and Teaching with Wikipedia

On a sunny Monday in May, I headed to Tulane University’s Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching to run a “Teaching with Wikipedia” faculty workshop. Associate Director of Classroom Engagement Toni Weiss hosted me for an an intimate, hour long talk during which I spoke with interested faculty from the French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese departments. We … Continued

Wikipedia in the Environmental History Classroom

Environmental history is one of the most rapidly growing academic fields. The number of history departments employing an environmental historian has grown from just 4.3% in 1975 to 45% in 2015. The field focuses on the ways humans have shaped and have been shaped by their environment. With recent events like those in Standing Rock … Continued

Working Wikipedia assignments into English classrooms

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with community college instructors in the Puente Program, which provides support for underprivileged students as they transfer from community colleges to complete 4-year degrees. Students enrolled in the program have access to academic support, college counselors, and specialized writing programs to prepare them for college. Puente Program … Continued

Wiki Ed is joining faculty to share learning benefits of a Wikipedia assignment

Tomorrow, I head to Sacramento to speak with instructors and counselors who support students in the Puente Program. The program aims to increase “the number of educationally disadvantaged students who enroll in four-year colleges” by preparing students to transfer schools. Co-sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley and the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, students … Continued