If you’re a biologist in search of science communication tools…

So you’ve spent the last three years of your life studying a type of gene, cell, or species, (maybe a bat), and you’re wondering… “How can I share what I know with more people?” The answer: contribute to Wikipedia’s coverage of your specialty and help thousands of people around the world better understand biology and biological processes.

Living Knowledge is our latest professional development course for scientists. These synchronous online sessions present an opportunity to improve a diverse set of skills for a variety of professional priorities and goals:

Engage in impactful science communication

Are you and your organization committed to reaching the public with your science? Do you have grant requirements that demand effective public engagement? Are you just passionate to share your knowledge in a space where the public goes to learn? We’ll help you identify topics on Wikipedia aligned with your expertise that will reach a wide audience. Wikipedia not only shapes the public’s understanding of science – a 2018 study out of MIT found that it also affects future scientific research.

Learn a new way of writing

Making the most frequently accessed source of information in the world better is fulfilling. It’s also an interesting challenge. The rules on Wikipedia aren’t intuitive or welcoming for new “editors”. We’ll help you navigate the complex, community-led policies that regulate Wikipedia’s content and its own “eco-system”. This sort of writing can be a great exercise in creativity and for curing writer’s block.

Look at your research in new light

Need dedicated time to brush up on the latest research in your field? Incorporating that knowledge into relevant Wikipedia articles affords you the chance to read and reflect, while also bringing that information to the public.

Connect with other scientists

Are you looking for a networking opportunity? Our weekly synchronous meetings allow you to meet with other scientists across institutions and disciplines.

Try something new

“Wiki Scientists” are asked to broaden their mind, to step outside the traditional modes of academic writing, and to make connections across disciplines. Take an active role in how the world understands science and take those skills with you throughout your career. Register today!

Early bird enrollment ends October 31st. To see our other training course offerings, visit learn.wikiedu.org.


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