Why you need to understand Wikidata, no matter what field you’re in

Matt Vetter is Associate Professor of English and affiliate faculty in the Composition and Applied Linguistics Phd Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. A veteran instructor with WIki Education, Vetter has been teaching with Wikipedia since 2011 and has published extensively on Wikipedia-based education. His recent book, Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality, co-authored with … Continued

Winny Nekesa Akullo: What I learned about Wikidata

Winny Nekesa Akullo is the Head, Library and Documentation Centre at PPDA. She is currently the IASSIST Africa Regional Secretary.  She recently took one of Wiki Education’s courses on Wikidata and reflects on her experience with the Wikimedia community in this guest blog post. As a researcher on Linked Data, a new technological innovation in … Continued

“Hey, I actually wrote the wiki article on that!”

Pamela Kalas is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the Department of Zoology at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver. She would like to acknowledge the two UBC staff who supported the assignment from behind the scenes: Will Engle (Strategist, Open Education Initiatives) and Rie Namba (Open Educational Resources Developer), as well as the … Continued

Wikipedia in a first-year writing course

Mary Isbell is an Associate Professor of English at the University of New Haven. I first started teaching with Wikipedia in 2014, after learning that a colleague had taught an entire course in which students read about Wikipedia and composed and edited articles on the site. I was intrigued, having only very recently set aside the … Continued

Wikipedia as science communication

Yug Chandra Saraswat is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. He recently took an Wiki Scientist course sponsored by the American Physical Society. My inspiration to become a Wiki Scientist and support unheard voices through biographies came after reading Brenda Maddox’s excellent biography of Rosalind Franklin “Rosalind … Continued

The Wiki Education Wow Moments

Jay. F Bolin is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Biology Department at Catawba College, Salisbury, North Carolina. As a college professor I’m fortunate to teach subjects I love at Catawba College and teaching with Wiki Education I can confidently say has made my teaching even more satisfying. Since 2016, I’ve used Wiki Education … Continued

Expert fact-checkers rely on Wikipedia. You and your students should too!

Jessica E. Brodsky is a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Her dissertation research evaluates the impact of lateral reading instruction on undergraduate fact-checking skills. Patricia J. Brooks is Professor of Psychology at the College of Staten Island and The Graduate Center, CUNY.  She is involved in WikiProject Women in Psychology and has … Continued

Asian American Journalists on Wikipedia

Heather J. Sharkey has been working with undergraduate and graduate students on Wikipedia projects since 2019, with the goal of promoting public-facing scholarship. She is a professor in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania. The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) partnered with Wiki Education to host a Wiki … Continued

Improving Wikipedia’s coverage of women theologians

Richard “Bo” Manly Adams, Jr., is the Margaret A. Pitts Assistant Professor in the Practice of Theological Bibliography and the Director of Pitts Theology Library at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. I teach an annual seminar at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, entitled “Hacking Ministry: The Work of the Church in the Digital … Continued