An Intelligent System: What I learned through taking an introductory Wikidata course

Anne-Christine Hoff is an associate professor of English at Jarvis Christian University. Back in January of this year, I took a three-week, six-hour introductory course on Wikidata through the nonprofit Wiki Education. Before the course’s start, I knew little to nothing about Wikidata, and I had several preconceived notions about the database and its uses … Continued

Teaching with Wikipedia: 5 questions with Professor Kurti

Debby Kurti is a professor of Computer Information Systems at Victor Valley College in Victorville, CA. She incorporated the Wikipedia assignment into her classroom for the first time in spring 2024. 1. This is your first time teaching with the Wikipedia assignment, and you knocked it out of the park! Why did you decide to … Continued

Using Multilingual Skills to Improve Wikipedia

Iris Leung, Juntong Shi, Peiyi Sun, and Nicole Zhang are students in professor Helen Choi’s fall course WRIT 340 for Engineers at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering. For an upper-division composition course for engineers at the University of Southern California (USC), we edited a Wikipedia article on the Chinese online marketplace, … Continued

How I build my Wikipedia assignment around content gaps

Dr. Kathryn Jasper began implementing Wikipedia assignments at Illinois State University in Fall 2022. Here, she reflects on the experience.  Where do people get their history? The American Historical Association conducted a study in recent years on that very question and the results, reported in a table, show that most people get their history from … Continued

Wiki Education may start in classrooms, but it demonstrates that learning can happen anywhere

Alex Kendall completed Dr. Cecelia Musselman’s Science Writing course this Spring at Northeastern University, where students had the opportunity to participate in the global dissemination of scientific knowledge and knowledge creation through a Wikipedia writing assignment. Here, Alex reflects on the experience after adding 39 references and thousands of words to the Wikipedia article about … Continued

Wikipedia deserves its spot in higher education

Mallory Dixon is a sophomore majoring in Secondary Social Studies Education and minoring in English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In the Fall 2022 term, she took an English 103: Accelerated Composition class, taught by Dr. Matt Vetter, and worked on the Wikipedia article “History of the Incas.” In the following essay, she reflects on … Continued

Teaching with Wikipedia

Simson Garfinkel conducted Wikipedia assignments in his Ethics and Data Science course at George Washington University between 2019 and 2022. He previously worked as a data scientist for the Department of Homeland Security and US Census Bureau. He is also a journalist who covers information technology, computer security, and privacy. Teaching with Wikipedia was a … Continued

Connecting metaliteracy, open pedagogy, and Wikipedia editing

Trudi Jacobson is Distinguished Librarian Emerita at the University at Albany, SUNY. The just-published book Metaliteracy in a Connected World: Developing Learners as Producers (ALA Neal Schuman, 2022) makes strong connections between metaliteracy, open pedagogy, and examples of open pedagogy, with student editing of Wikipedia an exemplar. I co-authored the book with Thomas P. Mackey, … Continued