Learning collaboration with style and research skills

Carie S. Tucker King is a Clinical Professor of Communication at The University of Texas at Dallas. In this post, she shares how she used Wikipedia in her course, “Advanced Writing and Research.” “Advanced Writing and Research” is a senior-level prescribed elective that is open to students pursuing any major. So this year, when I … Continued

Enhancing interdisciplinary teaching and learning through Wikimedia Commons

Anne Leonard is an Information Literacy Librarian at New York City College of Technology. In this post she reflects on her experience incorporating Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons into her course, Learning Places: Understanding the City. Interdisciplinary learning and place-based learning are at the heart of General Education at City Tech. For the past several semesters, … Continued

Women Screenwriters on Wikipedia

Liz Clarke is Assistant Professor of Media Arts & Cultures at the University of New Brunswick. In this post she shares her experience incorporating a Wikipedia assignment into her course on The History of Women Screenwriters, which she taught while at Concordia University. In my film history courses a primary concept that I teach students … Continued

Offsetting negative externalities with positive

Erin George is Assistant Professor of Economics at Hood College. In this post she talks about her experience incorporating Wikipedia into her course on Environmental Economics. At the heart of environmental economics is the study of pollution. Economists define pollution as a negative externality, the negative spillovers of a transaction that harm individuals who were … Continued

How editing Wikipedia empowers students – a reflection

Katie Webber is a student at Rice University, where she edited Wikipedia for an assignment in Diana Strassmann’s course on Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities in Fall 2016. In this post she reflects on her experience developing the articles about domestic violence in same-sex relationships and the Montrose Center, a Houston-based organization that provides mental … Continued

Finding an authentic audience through Wikipedia

Tanushree Rawat is pursuing a PhD in Education Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where her research focuses on the role of technology in education. As a graduate teaching assistant, she has led Wikipedia projects in multiple classes. In this post, she reflects on her pedagogical motivations for teaching with Wikipedia and … Continued

Truth commissions and Wikipedia

David Webster is an Associate Professor in the History Department at Bishop’s University. In this post he explains how his students contributed to Wikipedia’s coverage of truth commissions in his Winter 2016 class on Memory, Truth and Reconciliation. The above image is a printed version of their work, which will be read by future students. … Continued