The Right Fit

Marcia Harrison-Pitaniello is a Professor of Biological Sciences at Marshall University. In this post, she shares her experience integrating Wikipedia-based assignments into two different biology courses. I routinely teach writing intensive courses and am always interested in providing exercises that allow students to write for real audiences. When I first heard about Wiki Education at a … Continued

Collaborating with the library to increase women on Wikipedia

Tamar Carroll teaches in the Department of History at Rochester Institute of Technology. She’s incorporated Wikipedia editing in several courses. Several years ago, I was inspired to assign a research assignment in which students either write a new or substantially edit an existing Wikipedia entry on a notable American woman, after reading about other instructors’ experiences … Continued

From the librarian perspective: A relationship with Wikipedia as an education tool

Kelee Pacion is the Instruction Coordinator for the Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University. In this post, she talks about the impact courses she’s taught with Wikipedia have had on her students. My interest in Wikipedia really stems from a love/hate relationship I used to have for the platform. I always found the notion of … Continued

Engaging students in interdisciplinary science communication

George Waldbusser is Associate Professor of Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry at Oregon State University. He’s integrated Wikipedia editing into his Biogeochemical Earth class several times. When the email first appeared in my inbox with the title ‘Teaching with Wikipedia!’, I vacillated between, “that sounds really interesting” to “what kind of email spam is this?” Fortunately, I trusted … Continued

Learning collaboration with style and research skills

Carie S. Tucker King is a Clinical Professor of Communication at The University of Texas at Dallas. In this post, she shares how she used Wikipedia in her course, “Advanced Writing and Research.” “Advanced Writing and Research” is a senior-level prescribed elective that is open to students pursuing any major. So this year, when I … Continued

Enhancing interdisciplinary teaching and learning through Wikimedia Commons

Anne Leonard is an Information Literacy Librarian at New York City College of Technology. In this post she reflects on her experience incorporating Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons into her course, Learning Places: Understanding the City. Interdisciplinary learning and place-based learning are at the heart of General Education at City Tech. For the past several semesters, … Continued

Writing to be read, not just to be graded

Sarah Vital is Business Librarian at Saint Mary’s College of California. In this post she talks about having accounting students contribute to Wikipedia to train them to communicate with a general audience. On the first day of the class, I walk into a room full of bright-eyed and eager accounting students. They have their accounting … Continued

Wikipedia in the art history classroom

Anne McClanan is a Professor of Art History and Digital Humanities at Portland State University, where she has incorporated Wikipedia assignments into several classes since 2011. Since I first taught with Wikipedia-based research assignments in 2011, the process has gotten a great deal simpler for both teachers and students. My reasons for having the students … Continued

Women Screenwriters on Wikipedia

Liz Clarke is Assistant Professor of Media Arts & Cultures at the University of New Brunswick. In this post she shares her experience incorporating a Wikipedia assignment into her course on The History of Women Screenwriters, which she taught while at Concordia University. In my film history courses a primary concept that I teach students … Continued