How Wikipedia is unlocking scientific knowledge

The scientific community has a vested interest in a well-informed society, and the public at large is yearning for accurate scientific information. Despite these intersecting goals, a large gulf still persists between scientific expertise and public knowledge. In an age of instant access to information, reliable scientific knowledge still remains out of reach for many … Continued

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The public is yearning for scientific knowledge, and scientists wish to make their findings and expertise available to the world at large. Despite these intersecting goals, the public often struggles to find clear, comprehensible scientific information. Meanwhile, the scientific community often finds its work tightly guarded behind paywalls, or drowned in the sea of media … Continued

Welcome, Dr. Zachary McDowell!

I’m pleased to announce that Dr. Zachary McDowell has been named our 2016-2017 research fellow. Zach will investigate the student learning outcomes of a Wikipedia assignment at the higher education level. Dr. McDowell joins us from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he completed his Ph.D. in communication. He has taught courses with Wikipedia since … Continued

Looking back at the Classroom Program in 2015

Wiki Ed supported more students in 2015 than ever before. With improvements in our tools and resources, we’ve been able to maintain quality work from those student editors. It was a year of rapid growth and considerable change. In one term, the courses we supported rose from 117 (spring 2015) to 162 in fall 2015 … Continued

Looking back at the 2015 spring term

We introduced some significant changes to the Classroom Program in spring 2015. This term saw the largest number of classes yet, but most importantly, the term was a success in the quality of contributions and user experiences, too. Our Classroom Program supports instructors who improve Wikipedia through student assignments. We offer students and instructors with … Continued

Looking back at fall term 2014

Wiki Ed’s Classroom Program is focused on improving Wikipedia by having university students in the United States and Canada write high-quality articles that fill content gaps as part of their coursework. And in fall 2014, the program filled more content gaps than ever before, with improvements in subject areas like archaeology (improved by students from … Continued