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Teaching the Wikipedia assignment virtually: Let’s share tips!

If you find yourself teaching the Wikipedia writing assignment virtually for the first time, take some tips from instructors in our community who have done it before! Take advantage of support Use Wiki Education’s Dashboard. It’s already an online platform, complete with full instructions from beginning to end, including a “how to teach with Wikipedia” … Continued

Announcing new features on the Dashboard Timeline

In our continual efforts to improve our core resources, we’ve incorporated feedback from program participants to make the Timeline feature of our Dashboard tool more effective. The Dashboard is used by all instructors and students in our Classroom Program. And since 2010, that has been more than 1,000 instructors and 43,000 students. That’s a lot of people … Continued

New resources for students in cultural anthropology and LGBT+ studies courses

Wiki Education’s Classroom Program exists to create a bridge between academia and Wikipedia. Our systems of support are ever-evolving to fit the needs of the growing number of students and staff we help, meaning we continually improve resources and create new ones in response to feedback from program participants. We’re excited to announce two new … Continued

How plagiarism is different on Wikipedia and how to help your students avoid it

While the overwhelming majority of students strive to avoid plagiarism on Wikipedia, they sometimes still miss the mark. Wikipedia’s definition of plagiarism differs in important ways from those set forth by academia, which is often the root of misunderstandings related to plagiarism. When students are caught plagiarizing, it’s often a case of close-paraphrasing. Students might … Continued

New resource for students in science communication courses!

Students have improved a number of different scientific topics on Wikipedia, including conservation biology, voice disorders, environmental policy, medicine, and more! Communicating scientific topics to a general reader, who may not have any scientific background, requires students to master course material and speak with authority on a topic they’re studying. Students are uniquely positioned to translate scientific concepts, as … Continued

5 things you didn’t know the Dashboard can do

Winter and Spring terms are officially underway. We already have 3,500 students enrolled who are already learning about, and contributing to, Wikipedia. But as an instructor, how are you supposed to keep up with all that work? Especially if you are just learning about Wikipedia for the first time yourself. Luckily, the Wiki Education Dashboard is here … Continued

Video helps medical students edit Wikipedia

Student editors in Wiki Education’s program who contribute to medical topics have a new resource available to them in their online training modules this fall: A how-to video specifically related to contributing medical content to Wikipedia. The video was a joint project between Osmosis, University of California San Francisco Professor Amin Azzam, and Wiki Education. Osmosis is … Continued