How instructors and students are expanding Wikipedia through Open Pedagogy

Last month, I had the great pleasure of presenting alongside three of our Student Program faculty at the 2022 Open Education Conference. With its goals of opening up and increasing access to knowledge, the Wikipedia assignment is, at its heart, an open education resource and open pedagogical tool. The session really brought to life how … Continued

Welcome, Brianda!

I’d like to officially welcome Brianda (She/They) to our staff! Brianda is joining us in the role of Wikipedia Expert, where she will support student editors while they make high-quality content contributions to Wikipedia. She will spend most of her time monitoring and tracking student contributions on-wiki, answering questions, providing feedback, and explaining Wikipedia rules … Continued

Reflections on Spring 2022

Term after term, the Wikipedia Student Program produces remarkable results. Thousands of students from hundreds of institutions in the U.S. and Canada contribute millions of words to Wikipedia, and the response from the faculty and students we support is overwhelmingly positive. It would be easy to take this continued success for granted, but reflection and … Continued

How students are using Wikipedia as a tool toward decolonial-Indigenization

Wikipedia is not just a place where the world goes for quick and reliable information. It’s a place where stories can be reframed, where the record can be corrected, where longstanding inequities can be addressed. This is exactly what Professor Nicole Lugosi-Schimpf’s students at the University of Alberta attempted to do in her Fall 2020 … Continued