How instructors and students are expanding Wikipedia through Open Pedagogy

Last month, I had the great pleasure of presenting alongside three of our Student Program faculty at the 2022 Open Education Conference. With its goals of opening up and increasing access to knowledge, the Wikipedia assignment is, at its heart, an open education resource and open pedagogical tool. The session really brought to life how the Wikipedia project can play out in different educational settings. Lisbeth Fuisz, Lecturer in the Writing Program at Georgetown University, focused on how she teaches with Wikipedia in her classes on Children’s literature and banned books. Kathleen Shepperd, Associate Professor of History at Missouri University of Science and Technology, explored how the Wikipedia assignment plays out in her History of Science courses taken largely by engineering students who are unaccustomed to longer writing assignments. Stephanie Turner, Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Clair, discussed how she uses the project in her science writing courses where students are often preparing to enter various medical fields.

Watch the session in full on Youtube.

To learn more about what these incredible instructors in our program had to say about their experiences running the Wikipedia assignment, watch the session here.

Thank you again to Lisbeth, Kathleen, and Stephanie for joining me at this year’s conference and for all you and your students do for Wikipedia!


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