Welcome interns Amit, Khyati, and Ujjwal!

Last week we kicked off three exciting internship projects to improve the Wiki Education Dashboard. Over the next few months, Outreachy and Google Summer of Code students will join the Wiki Education technology team to build new features and tools for both Wiki Education programs and the global Wikimedia community. Amit Joki, an Information Technology … Continued

Welcome Urvashi and Pratyush, summer interns!

This month, we kicked off two summer development projects that I’m very excited about. Outreachy intern Urvashi Verma is improving the Dashboard’s support for viewing, evaluating and curating photo and multimedia contributions, and Google Summer of Code student Pratyush Singhal is building Article Finder, a tool for exploring topic areas on Wikipedia and picking relevant, … Continued

Joining the leaders of the global Wikimedia movement in Berlin

I’m back from Wikimedia Conference 2018 in Berlin, where I had the privilege of spending time with some of the most inspiring and lovely people I know: leaders of the global Wikimedia movement. These are people from all across the world who are working together on the Wikimedia mission, and joining them in person is … Continued

Welcome Outreachy intern Candela Jiménez Girón

Candela Jiménez Girón — maudite — is off to a running start with her Outreachy internship project. From December to March, Candela is working on improving the Dashboard for Art + Feminism 2018. She’s already made progress on several of the highest priority issues identified from the 2017 Art + Feminism campaign, including a better interface on Programs … Continued

Running a newbie-friendly free software project

Our main tech project, the Wiki Education Dashboard, is a free and open-source web application. Built with Ruby on Rails and React.js, it’s a codebase that started in late 2014 as an ‘agency’ project: we hired the firm WINTR to develop the software we needed. For its first year, it was almost exclusively built through … Continued

So long and thanks for all the poutine!

This year’s Wikimania conference in Montréal was — for me — the most intense yet. I discovered many years ago — after showing up to a few New York City Wikipedia meetups — that Wikimedians are my tribe. We’re nerds; we’re weird; some of us just can’t resist arguing about copyright for hours. Our community … Continued

Improving the Programs & Events Dashboard user experience

We’ve been fortunate this summer to have Google Summer of Code intern Sejal Khatri working on a broad spectrum of improvements to the Dashboard user experience. Earlier this year, Sejal completed an Outreachy internship, during which she created the entire user profiles feature. This time, she’s got a more ambitious agenda: to improve the user experience … Continued