Author: Sage Ross

Author: Sage Ross

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The Web As She Is Spoke

Over the last two years, it’s been my responsibility to build and maintain the Wiki Education Dashboard, a complex website that has become our primary tool for keeping track of hundreds of courses and thousands of students each term. It’s been an amazing journey so far — one I started with almost no experience in … Continued

Exploring automatic suggestions

One of the projects I’m excited about is an experiment with providing automatic suggestions to student editors about how to get started with improving their assigned Wikipedia articles. We want the dashboard to highlight specific improvements that student editors can make to their assigned articles, such as adding additional sources, including an image. I’ve been … Continued

Authorship Highlighting

We’ve just released a new Dashboard feature: Authorship Highlighting. This update to the Dashboard’s Article Viewer shows the current version of a live article, and now highlights which student added which parts of the text. To try it, just head to the Articles tab on your course page. In the list of Articles Edited, click … Continued

Thanks for the code contributions, GCI students!

The Wiki Education Dashboard got 20 improvements over the last two months from five young coders participating in Google Code-In, a contest that gets pre-university students involved in open source software development. Their work ranged from new features, to accessibility and performance improvements, to bug fixes, to new automated code tests, to expanded documentation on … Continued

Outreachy intern Sejal Khatri will work on user profile pages

I’m excited about the kickoff next week of a 3-month project to improve the Wiki Education Dashboard’s user profile pages. I’ll be mentoring Sejal Khatri, a senior computer engineering student at Savitribai Phule Pune University, for an Outreachy internship, in collaboration with design researcher Jonathan Morgan of Wikimedia Foundation. Sejal has already created the initial … Continued