Authorship Highlighting improvements

We recently launched an awesome new feature to the Dashboard’s Authorship Highlighting, thanks to volunteer open source developer Bailey McKelway. Bailey is a full-stack developer who recently graduated from Fullstack Academy in New York City, and judging by the sophisticated work he’s done on the Dashboard, he’s got a strong software development career ahead of … Continued

10 years in education program technology

This fall, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Wikipedia Student Program with a series of blog posts telling the story of the program in the United States and Canada. Ten years ago when I joined the team that started what became the Wikipedia Student Program, we didn’t have any specialized software to organize classroom … Continued

Research quantifies Wiki Education’s impact to articles

In their recent paper on “content growth and attention contagion” (free preprint), researchers Kai Zhu, Dylan Walker and Lev Muchnik use Wiki Education’s Wikipedia Student Program as a natural experiment to study the effects of a sudden “shock” of new editing activity. They look at the set of about 3,300 articles that were substantially expanded by student … Continued

Finding your students’ work

Having trouble finding the work your students did on Wikipedia? We’ve been working on making the Dashboard a better tool for evaluating student work, but we know we know there’s still more work to be done. The Wiki Education technology team — myself and Wes Reid — have been meeting with many instructors over the … Continued

New Dashboard feature helps with grading your Wikipedia assignment

If you visit the Students tab of your course page, you may notice that it looks a bit different. As the first phase of our Spring 2020 push to improve the instructor user experience, we’ve rolled out a new version of the Students list that lets you view details about the Article Assignments for any … Continued

Updating the student user experience for Spring 2020

For the Spring 2020 term we’ve added a major set of features to the “My Articles” section of students’ course pages. The centerpiece of this update is the Progress Tracker which students can use at each stage of the Wikipedia article-writing process. The Progress Tracker will allow students to see what they should be doing, … Continued

Privacy policy updated

We’ve just updated the Wiki Education Privacy Policy. Like the last version, this one is adapted from the freely-licensed policy of Automattic, the company that makes the open source blogging software WordPress. We’ve based it on Automattic’s policy because they have a well-earned reputation for protecting users’ rights, along with the resources to cover their … Continued

Dashboard wins Coolest Tool Award

“Tools” — the various pieces of technology that work with Wikipedia but aren’t part of the core wiki software, most of them created and maintained by volunteers — are a huge part of the technology story for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. This year’s Wikimania conference included the first ever “Coolest Tool Award” ceremony to … Continued

The Dashboard now counts references!

We’ve added a new feature to the Wiki Education Dashboard: References Added. Thanks to Khyati Soneji, one of our outstanding summer interns, the Dashboard now keeps track of how many references were added or removed in each edit to a Wikipedia article. You’ll see the total references added for each course, and you can also see … Continued