Welcome, Lorraine Hariton

A very warm welcome to Lorraine Hariton, the newest board member of the Wiki Education Foundation. I’m thrilled about Lorraine joining the Wiki Education Foundation board and bringing her expertise with technology and board service to our organization. I’m pleased to see the Wiki Education Foundation board shaping up so well with strong members like … Continued

Thank you, Mike Christie

We are terribly sad to accept the resignation of Mike Christie from the Wiki Education Foundation board. As Mike wrote on his on-wiki notice announcing his decision, he has been part of the Wiki Education Foundation’s leadership since we were a working group of volunteers trying to determine the best way to support the Wikipedia … Continued

Announcing new Programs Department

The Wiki Education Foundation is a programs-focused organization: Our primary mission is to support the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada. In recognition of the importance of the programmatic work to our organization, we’ve decided to reorganize our staff and create a formal Programs Department. Within the Programs Department, we have two … Continued

Wrap-up of our first Quarterly Review

The Wiki Education Foundation values transparency in our work. As a spin-off of the Wikimedia Foundation, we’ve kept several of the practices of the Wikimedia Foundation to encourage evaluation and reflection about our work. One of these practices is the Quarterly Review system, in which every team in the organization has an opportunity every quarter … Continued

Welcome, Karen George

The Wiki Education Foundation board of directors elected another member at their meeting last night: Karen George, who brings experience working with non-profits and start-ups to the Wiki Education Foundation board. To read more about Karen, please see our press release. I look forward to working with her. Welcome, Karen! Frank Schulenburg Executive Director … Continued

Welcome, Karen A. Twitchell!

We’re pleased to announce the newest addition to the Wiki Education Foundation’s board of directors, Karen A. Twitchell. Karen brings financial expertise to our board, and will chair our audit committee. For more information about Karen, please see our press release. Welcome, Karen! Frank Schulenburg Executive Director … Continued

Welcome Sage, Jessica, and Sara

It is with pleasure I announce the hire of three new staff members to the Wiki Education Foundation, thereby doubling our staff! Sage Ross joins us June 2 as Product Manager, Digital Services; Jessica Craft joins us June 3 as Executive Assistant to the ED; and Sara Crouse joins us June 16 as Deputy Director … Continued