Wrap-up of our first Quarterly Review

The Wiki Education Foundation values transparency in our work. As a spin-off of the Wikimedia Foundation, we’ve kept several of the practices of the Wikimedia Foundation to encourage evaluation and reflection about our work. One of these practices is the Quarterly Review system, in which every team in the organization has an opportunity every quarter to talk about what they’ve accomplished in the previous quarter and where they’re going in the next quarter. Notes and the slides from these Quarterly Reviews are then published on Meta-Wiki, to enable stakeholders to get insight into our priorities.

LiAnna Davis
LiAnna Davis presented during the first Quarterly Review.

I’m pleased to say the Wiki Education Foundation had our first Quarterly Review on Friday, July 18. Head of Communications and External Relations LiAnna Davis presented to the rest of the Wiki Ed staff the work she’s been doing over the last three months and her plans for the next three months. The notes and slides from the Quarterly Review on Communications are now published on Meta.

The Quarterly Review allowed LiAnna to showcase the hard work she’s put in building our brand since starting at the Wiki Education Foundation. It also gave her a chance to get feedback from colleagues about what they liked so far about communications, and what she could do differently or in addition to what she’s already doing to make our organization run smoothly, as well as surfacing roadblocks that are prohibiting her from carrying out some of her work. Creating this dedicated time for reflection and evaluation enables us to be more effective in our work, and I look forward to the next team’s review.

Frank Schulenburg
Executive Director


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