Roundup: Native American Heritage month

In the United States, November is Native American Heritage Month. It is a month to recognize the rights and achievements of indigenous peoples and to provide a platform for the sharing of Native cultures and traditions. In light of this month, we’re highlighting student work in Carwil Bjork-James’ course at Vanderbilt University, titled Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples. … Continued

Giving local history a global audience on Wikipedia

University of Mississippi student Skylar Sandroni was already excited about working with Wikipedia in a college class, even before beginning Robert Cummings’s Writing with Wikipedia course. An enthusiastic friend, who had done a Wikipedia assignment previously, recommended the course to her. The curriculum itself also sparked interest for the English major, who is all too familiar … Continued

Monthly Report, September 2017

Highlights In August, we announced a new partnership with the American Studies Association (ASA), which promotes the development and dissemination of interdisciplinary research on U.S. culture and history in a global context. We are excited to welcome more American Studies classes into our Classroom Program through this partnership. We also announced a new partnership with … Continued

The future is interdisciplinary: addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap

We’ve discussed the proven importance of tackling gender gaps on Wikipedia in the past, specifically looking at women in STEM. And now, we look at how both students and instructors across disciplines have responded to this systemic issue. The term “gender gap” refers to a few different aspects of Wikipedia that need improvement. Wikipedia even has its … Continued

Finding agency and building confidence through a Wikipedia assignment

Looking through posts by guest contributors on our blog, one might notice a few patterns. Many professors reflect on their Wikipedia assignment somewhat in awe of what it has inspired in their students. In general, they find that students feel invested in the process of learning about Wikipedia and excited by the opportunity to present their work … Continued

The Written Word podcast features Wikipedia assignments

Wiki Education’s Classroom Program Manager Helaine Blumenthal is featured on the latest episode of The Written Word, a podcast about the craft of writing and its impact on culture. Helaine speaks with co-hosts Meredith May and Sean Tupa about her passion for learning and teaching, which she has applied broadly to the world of Wikipedia through … Continued