Author: Ryan McGrady

Author: Ryan McGrady

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Drunk History covers disability rights subject after it’s added to Wikipedia by Visiting Scholar

Have you ever been watching TV when you just have to know more about the history of something you just saw? Plenty of people have, and they look to Wikipedia for the answer. Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia’s content related to popular culture is one of the areas with the most readership. On last night’s episode of Comedy Central’s Drunk History, viewers … Continued

Report from Wikipedia Day 2018 in New York City

Wikipedia recently celebrated its 17th anniversary! Wikimedians celebrate the occasion by holding Wikipedia Day events around the world. In New York, a great crowd of about 150 people gathered at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan for presentations, panels, lightning talks, unconference sessions, and cake. Given its active local chapter, New York hosts many Wikipedia-related events, … Continued

Presenting the winners of the U.S. Wiki Science Competition

At Wiki Education, we get pretty excited about initiatives which improve science content on Wikimedia projects. It’s why we ran the Year of Science in 2016, and why we continue that emphasis through Communicating Science. So Wiki Education’s Wikipedia Content Expert in the Sciences, Ian Ramjohn, and I jumped at the chance when invited to be part of … Continued

Announcing the Wikipedia Fellows Pilot Cohort

Last Monday, nine scholars from three academic associations met with Wiki Education staff for the very first meeting of our new Wikipedia Fellows pilot! The idea behind Wikipedia Fellows is inspired by our Future of Facts initiative, to help subject-matter experts contribute to the most socially and politically relevant Wikipedia articles. For years, we have supported students … Continued

Announcing Wikipedia Fellows

Wiki Education is excited to announce a new pilot: Wikipedia Fellows. Wikipedia is a resource people use every day to better understand the world. In a time when terms like “alternative facts” and “fake news” have become shorthand for a wide range of political, educational, and epistemological challenges to public knowledge, it’s crucial that we … Continued

Andrew Newell is the Deep Carbon Observatory Visiting Scholar

If you’re like most people, when you want to learn about a scientific topic, Wikipedia is probably your first stop. Increasingly, scientists and science communicators understand the powerful role Wikipedia plays in the public’s understanding of science, and are taking steps to ensure its information is accurate and up-to-date. The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) is … Continued

Timelines of a Wikipedia Visiting Scholar

User:M2545 recently wrapped up a year as Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at Rollins College. From the time we announced the collaboration in June 2016 through June 2017, she used the rich resources available through the Rollins College library to improve Wikipedia articles related to “urbanization in Florida and the southern United States in the late 19th and early 20th … Continued