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Author: Ryan McGrady

Author: Ryan McGrady

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The Roundup: Serious Business

It can be tricky to find publicly accessible, objective information about business-related subjects. It’s more common for there to be monetary incentives to advocate, promote, omit, or underplay particular aspects, points of view, or examples. The concepts can also be complex, weaving together theory, history, law, and a variety of opinions. Effectively writing about business … Continued

New brochure explains how to edit political science articles

When you contribute to an article on Wikipedia, there are best practices to consider regardless of what subject you work on, but there can also be particularities to different topic areas. For that reason, Wiki Ed works with instructors, organizations, and the Wikipedia community to develop subject-specific editing brochures to supplement our other training materials. … Continued

Monthly Report for November 2016

Highlights The Simons Foundation renewed its support for Wiki Ed, with a $480,000 two-year grant to extend the impact of the Year of Science, awarded through the Simons Foundation Science Sandbox initiative. Wiki Ed was awarded a $25,000 gift from the Broadcom Foundation, which “empowers young people to be STEM literate, critical thinkers and college … Continued

Jackie Koerner: Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at SFSU

Jackie Koerner recently earned a PhD from the Saint Louis University School of Education, with a dissertation on ableism and the medical model of disability. While conducting her research, Wikipedia was an invaluable resource through which to collect lists of sources. She took note of articles that needed work, with the intention of improving them … Continued

Lingzhi is Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at USF

I’m pleased to announce User:Lingzhi as Wikipedia Visiting Scholar in the University of San Francisco’s Department of Rhetoric and Language! Lingzhi is a veteran editor with considerable experience improving articles at the highest levels of quality. His past work includes articles such as funerary art, scattered disc, Battle of Malvern Hill, Taiwanese aborigines, and several … Continued

Monthly Report for October 2016

Wiki Education Foundation Monthly Report, October 2016 Highlights Wiki Ed staff attended WikiConference North America, a three-day annual event that took place in San Diego this year. We presented on several aspects of our programs, received helpful feedback, met with collaborators, and engaged with dozens of Wikipedians, librarians, educators, and other Wikipedia enthusiasts. Wiki Ed … Continued

SFSU opening access to library resources for Wikipedian interested in disability studies

Definitions of disability are often cast in medical terms. While important, concentrating on that one aspect of a disability-related topic can mean inadequate coverage of other social, cultural, historical, economic, and political aspects. Writing a high-quality Wikipedia article about the subject thus typically means drawing from research in the sciences, but also in the social … Continued