Category: Deep Carbon Observatory

Category: Deep Carbon Observatory

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Partnering with the Deep Carbon Observatory to increase global understanding of Earth science

Wiki Education is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) Engagement Team. The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) is a global community of more than 1,000 scientists on a ten-year quest to understand the quantities, movements, forms, and origins of carbon inside Earth. They want to encourage their community to participate … Continued

Learn about deep carbon science on Wikipedia thanks to RockMagnetist

Did You Know … that extraterrestrial diamonds in meteorites preserve their history from before the Solar System formed? Extraterrestrial diamonds are a common substance (not much bigger than a molecule) found in space, often in meteorites and stars. If you were to read the Wikipedia article about them, you could learn about their formation in our … Continued

Deep Carbon Observatory asks members to close gaps on Wikipedia

Last week, I called in to the Deep Carbon Observatory’s (DCO) Webinar Wednesdays to talk about the link between Wikipedia and Higher Education. The DCO is looking to improve deep carbon science on Wikipedia. They already host a Wikipedia Visiting Scholar to improve the depth of work in their field. With this webinar they were hoping to … Continued

Andrew Newell is the Deep Carbon Observatory Visiting Scholar

If you’re like most people, when you want to learn about a scientific topic, Wikipedia is probably your first stop. Increasingly, scientists and science communicators understand the powerful role Wikipedia plays in the public’s understanding of science, and are taking steps to ensure its information is accurate and up-to-date. The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) is … Continued