A Special Thanks to Guru Krupa Foundation for Supporting Students in STEM

It’s no secret that higher education is facing unprecedented challenges in the post-pandemic era in engaging and motivating students who have spent a long period of time studying in isolation during lockdowns. And now, the rapid development of AI throws an additional curveball into the mix for instructors seeking to help students master subject matter … Continued

Calling those passionate about disability healthcare! Join us, thanks to generous support from WITH Foundation

Policymakers lacking knowledge about developmental disability issues turn to Wikipedia before writing laws. Healthcare practitioners consult Wikipedia while making diagnoses and treatment plans. Journalists writing about care of developmentally disabled adults fact-check their stories using Wikipedia. What they find there matters. And right now, there’s room for improvement. A 2015 study concluded that “Wikipedia appeared … Continued

Expanding art history and architecture on Wikipedia thanks to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation has awarded Wiki Education a $25,000 grant to lead a 10-week Wiki Scholars course in the upcoming year that will train scholars in pre-modern European art and architecture how to add their knowledge to a topic deeply underdeveloped on Wikipedia. The Foundation agrees it’s critical that Wikipedia provides accurate, expert, … Continued

Underrepresented STEM leaders to shine on Wikipedia with new grant from Broadcom Foundation

Margaret Helen Harper was a programmer who worked with Grace Hopper to help develop one of the first computer programs. But until 2020, she didn’t have a Wikipedia biography. Thanks to a student editor currently in our program, she now does and hundreds of people have since read about her work. With 450 million readers … Continued

Announcing our funding support from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

The world uses Wikipedia to learn about every subject, and medical content is no exception. Medical content is accessed on Wikipedia more than the websites of the NIH, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, NHS, WHO, and UpToDate. And we know from research that people make real behavioral decisions from what they read on Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s wide readership, … Continued

Thank you, Guru Krupa Foundation, for supporting STEM knowledge!

We’re honored and thrilled to announce that the Guru Krupa Foundation has awarded Wiki Education a grant this year in support of our Wikipedia Student Program’s STEM classes. The Guru Krupa Foundation supports causes and projects that align with the value system of Hinduism, primarily helping those less fortunate, supporting causes related to the acquisition … Continued

Peter B. Kaufman joins Advisory Board

Wiki Education welcomes Peter B. Kaufman to our Advisory Board as its newest member helping to raise our profile to potential supporters. “I am excited to join the Advisory Board of Wiki Education because their work is critically important, especially for knowledge institutions, such as universities, museums, and archives,” Peter says. Peter is a writer, … Continued

Wiki Education adds Richard Culatta to Advisory Board

Wiki Education is proud to announce the addition of Richard Culatta to our Advisory Board. Richard is an internationally recognized leader in technology and learning. He serves as CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a nonprofit supporting education leaders in 127 countries. Prior to joining ISTE, he was appointed by President … Continued

Welcoming Lorraine Hariton to Wiki Education’s Advisory Board

Lorraine Hariton, President & CEO of Catalyst, has volunteered to help Wiki Education in a new capacity as a member of our Advisory Board. Lorraine previously served on Wiki Education’s Board of Directors, and is greatly valued for her fundraising expertise and knowledge in STEM. She advocated for Wiki Education’s successful Year of Science in … Continued