Happy birthday to Janet Taylor Spence!

Today’s the birthday of Janet Taylor Spence, an influential American psychologist who has worked in the field of the psychology of anxiety and in gender studies. Read more about her work in the article started by student editor Eden.graham in Dr. David Perkins’ spring 2013 History of Psychology course at Ball State University.  Jami Mathewson Educational … Continued

For Senior Citizens Day, read about social issues concerning elderly care

Today, we celebrate Senior Citizens Day in honor of the contributions they make all over the U.S., which was created to raise awareness of social issues concerning the elderly. To honor this awareness, read the Wikipedia article about elderly care, which student editor Ellyhutch expanded during the spring 2012 term in Dr. Diana Strassmann and Dr. … Continued

Student editor translates French article into English

Have you ever looked up a city or region on Wikipedia to learn more about it—perhaps before traveling there? If you’re on English Wikipedia and searching for a non-English-speaking place, you may find minimal information beyond its geography. Dr. Julie McDonough Dolmaya’s spring 2014 translation course at York University sought to minimize the discrepancies between French Wikipedia and … Continued

Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

Today is book lovers’ day! Have you started or expanded a Wikipedia article on a book you love? Here are some student editors’ articles about novels and collections: From Dr. Lynn Hamilton’s spring 2013 composition course at the University of Pikeville: Darkfever– Karen Marie Moning, started by Courtneyupike Gap Creek– Robert R. Morgan, a stub that UpikeKaren expanded From Dr. Carol … Continued

Happy International Cat Day!

Today is International Cat Day, though our feline sources commented that every day is international cat day. Did you know your favorite internet stars can get H5N1 avian influenza? Learn more about causes, symptoms, and preventative measures in the article about this disease in cats. Thanks to student editor Acorn Drains Cans, who started the article for an assignment in Dr. … Continued

Read about the Beaver Creek Fire, which started one year ago today

One year ago today, the Beaver Creek Fire started in Idaho after a lightning strike. In Becky Carmichael’s fall 2013 Natural Disturbances and Society course at Louisiana State University shortly after this disaster, student editor Lwebb02 created a Wikipedia article about the fire’s origin, spread, and impact on humans and nature. Join the 5,000+ readers who have learned more about the fire … Continued