Category: Fall 2013

Category: Fall 2013

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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Today is the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Celebrate the beginning of this new year by learning more about the history of Jewish people during the Middle Ages. Student editors expanded the article for Dr. Shira Klein’s 3,000 Years of Jewish History course in the fall 2013 term. Thank you to student editors Bwarner00, Camar111, … Continued

Read about the Colorado floods of 2013

One year ago, floods were impacting several counties in Colorado. Read more about the flooding in this article, expanded by our student editor Jonathanhoffmann225 in Becky Carmichael’s fall 2013 Natural Disasters and Society course at Louisiana State University.  Jami Mathewson Educational Partnerships Manager

Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

Today is book lovers’ day! Have you started or expanded a Wikipedia article on a book you love? Here are some student editors’ articles about novels and collections: From Dr. Lynn Hamilton’s spring 2013 composition course at the University of Pikeville: Darkfever– Karen Marie Moning, started by Courtneyupike Gap Creek– Robert R. Morgan, a stub that UpikeKaren expanded From Dr. Carol … Continued

Read about the Beaver Creek Fire, which started one year ago today

One year ago today, the Beaver Creek Fire started in Idaho after a lightning strike. In Becky Carmichael’s fall 2013 Natural Disturbances and Society course at Louisiana State University shortly after this disaster, student editor Lwebb02 created a Wikipedia article about the fire’s origin, spread, and impact on humans and nature. Join the 5,000+ readers who have learned more about the fire … Continued

Improving theater articles on Wikipedia through student assignments

At Brooklyn College, students in Dr. Amy Hughes’ Theater History course learn about drama and theatrical production from Ancient Greece to the present. Over the course of two terms, they develop knowledge about plays, artists, and aesthetic styles that they can utilize in their careers as directors, designers, managers, and critics. Ashley Birdsell, a Performing Arts Management … Continued