Category: Spring 2012

Category: Spring 2012

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Celebrate Women’s Equality Day!

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, read up on women in engineering in the United States. In this article, a stub that student editor J hernan26 expanded significantly in Dr. Kimberly Hoang’s spring 2012 course, you can now learn about relevant statistics, why women have a lower participation rate than men, and initiatives and organizations that … Continued

Happy British Columbia Day!

In honor of British Columbia Day, check out this article on Hells Gate, a popular natural tourist attraction in British Columbia. Student editors Danilar, Alexwarren89, Alkleff, AnastasiaU., and Eye101 significantly expanded the stub article during the spring 2012 term for Dr. Tina Loo’s North American Environmental History course at the University of British Columbia. Since their great improvement, 48,000 readers have … Continued

Wikipedia assignment prepares student editor for volunteer and research experiences in Africa

At Rice University, students pursuing a minor in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities (PJHC) are required to take two core classes—each of which now has a Wikipedia component. Julika Kaplan, who just graduated with the minor alongside her major in Philosophy, thus had the opportunity to create two new Wikipedia articles as part of her … Continued

Canadian student editors improve coverage of Canada on Wikipedia

In honor of Canada Day, we wanted to showcase some of the great work Canadian student editors in the Wikipedia Education Program’s classroom program have done to expand Wikipedia’s coverage of their country. During the fall 2011 term, student editors in two different courses at the University of Toronto worked together to improve the article about … Continued