Category: Spring 2014

Category: Spring 2014

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A year in review

February 18, 2014 was my first day as Executive Director of the Wiki Education Foundation. As we had no office, and much to the amusement of my wife, I was working out of our living room. Except for Jami Mathewson, who would transition into a full-time employee position in March, Wiki Ed had no staff. … Continued

Wikipedia and Student Writing

Contributed by Andrew Stuhl, Bucknell University. The entire semester hung in that moment. Twenty-six college students and I had spent four months updating Wikipedia articles on the History of Ecology. Now, as their research went live on the web, we sat in our classroom, thinking about what all that work meant. What did students take … Continued

Student editor translates French article into English

Have you ever looked up a city or region on Wikipedia to learn more about it—perhaps before traveling there? If you’re on English Wikipedia and searching for a non-English-speaking place, you may find minimal information beyond its geography. Dr. Julie McDonough Dolmaya’s spring 2014 translation course at York University sought to minimize the discrepancies between French Wikipedia and … Continued

Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

Today is book lovers’ day! Have you started or expanded a Wikipedia article on a book you love? Here are some student editors’ articles about novels and collections: From Dr. Lynn Hamilton’s spring 2013 composition course at the University of Pikeville: Darkfever– Karen Marie Moning, started by Courtneyupike Gap Creek– Robert R. Morgan, a stub that UpikeKaren expanded From Dr. Carol … Continued

Student editors’ contributions from spring 2014 have already been viewed 96 million times

The Wiki Education Foundation’s first full term supporting the Classroom Program concluded last month, with 65 courses adding the equivalent of 7,300 printed pages to the English Wikipedia. Overall, 1,852 student editors enrolled in these courses, and 1,378 of them made at least one edit to the article namespace. One-third of the student editors completed … Continued

Wikipedia assignment prepares student editor for volunteer and research experiences in Africa

At Rice University, students pursuing a minor in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities (PJHC) are required to take two core classes—each of which now has a Wikipedia component. Julika Kaplan, who just graduated with the minor alongside her major in Philosophy, thus had the opportunity to create two new Wikipedia articles as part of her … Continued

Happy Video Game Day!

Did you know today is Video Game Day, a day to observe video games and the progress they have made? You can celebrate by spending the day playing your favorite game and by reading this Wikipedia article about the book What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Thanks to student editors Cshanesimpson, Olucha77, and … Continued

Improving theater articles on Wikipedia through student assignments

At Brooklyn College, students in Dr. Amy Hughes’ Theater History course learn about drama and theatrical production from Ancient Greece to the present. Over the course of two terms, they develop knowledge about plays, artists, and aesthetic styles that they can utilize in their careers as directors, designers, managers, and critics. Ashley Birdsell, a Performing Arts Management … Continued

Ph.D. student creates article on gamification of learning

When Heather Birch, a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto, first learned she’d been assigned to write a Wikipedia article for Dr. Jonathan Obar’s Knowledge Media, Culture & Society course in spring 2014, she worried about finding an article to edit and spent a week struggling to make the decision. Her research focuses broadly on gamification, but she … Continued