Happy Bastille Day!

In honor of Bastille Day, France’s celebration of the French Revolution’s anniversary, check out the Wikipedia article about the Demographics of France. Student editor Dounoannick helped improve this article in the first term of our program in Dr. Donna Infeld’s fall 2010 policy analysis course at George Washington University to include more information about immigration … Continued

World Population Day: raising awareness of global youth issues

Did you know the world’s population—which has now surpassed 7 billion people—was only 2.5 billion people as recently as 1950? With such growth comes various social challenges, so the United Nations spends every July 11th honoring World Population Day to raise awareness about these issues. This year, the UN seeks to highlight the struggles faced … Continued

Canadian student editors improve coverage of Canada on Wikipedia

In honor of Canada Day, we wanted to showcase some of the great work Canadian student editors in the Wikipedia Education Program’s classroom program have done to expand Wikipedia’s coverage of their country. During the fall 2011 term, student editors in two different courses at the University of Toronto worked together to improve the article about … Continued

Improving theater articles on Wikipedia through student assignments

At Brooklyn College, students in Dr. Amy Hughes’ Theater History course learn about drama and theatrical production from Ancient Greece to the present. Over the course of two terms, they develop knowledge about plays, artists, and aesthetic styles that they can utilize in their careers as directors, designers, managers, and critics. Ashley Birdsell, a Performing Arts Management … Continued

Ph.D. student creates article on gamification of learning

When Heather Birch, a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto, first learned she’d been assigned to write a Wikipedia article for Dr. Jonathan Obar’s Knowledge Media, Culture & Society course in spring 2014, she worried about finding an article to edit and spent a week struggling to make the decision. Her research focuses broadly on gamification, but she … Continued