Monthly Report, May 2020

Highlights In May, we launched a Wiki Scientists course in partnership with 500 Women Scientists, facilitating as 20 members of 500 Women Scientists learned how to expand Wikipedia’s biographies of women in STEM. Thanks to a high demand from their members, we have continued searching for additional funding to support more women scientists as they … Continued

Announcing our 2020–21 Annual Plan

Today, we’re sharing Wiki Education’s 2020–21 Annual Plan. The plan, and budget, were approved by the Board of Trustees at its June meeting. We’re sharing the plan here as part of Wiki Education’s commitment to sharing information about our goals and spending. It’s a report on our work last year, and a look ahead to … Continued

Please help us strengthen Wikipedia’s COVID-19 information

Please help us with getting relevant COVID-19 information out to the general public. Wikipedia has developed into being one of the most trusted sources of information. The online encyclopedia and the volunteers that write it have played an important role in this global pandemic from day one: By providing critical information about the infectious disease, … Continued

In solidarity: continuing to share knowledge amidst a global pandemic

Dear members of the Wiki Education community, Amidst the anxieties and uncertainties of our collective future, I’d like to express my compassion for all members of our community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in solidarity alongside you as we all face new personal and professional challenges. Because Wiki Education is based in the … Continued

Wiki Education welcomes Director, Institutional Funding Paul Carroll

I’m pleased to announce that Paul Carroll has joined the Wiki Education team as Director, Institutional Funding. In his new role, he works most closely with me in establishing new funding opportunities and maintaining relationships with our institutional funders. Paul also collaborates with Wiki Education’s program staff to ensure that current and future programs are … Continued

Looking ahead: our plan for 2019-2020

We love to tell the stories of the thousands of students and hundreds of professionals making meaningful contributions to Wikipedia’s content through our programs every year. Those individuals make a big difference in spreading free, reliable knowledge globally. And we’re proud to share in their successes. Rarely, though, do we talk about the behind the … Continued

Looking back to look ahead

Fiscal year 2018–19 has been a time of change for Wiki Education. After completing our year-long strategic planning process in June 2018, the organization started executing against its new three-year strategy. Overall, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved only one year into carrying out this plan. We’ve laid the foundation for the work ahead of … Continued