Wikipedia Professional Development Courses

Wikipedia Professional Development Courses

By providing the world unfettered access to knowledge, Wikipedia presents an opportunity to put power into the hands of everyone. In Wiki Education’s courses, we train scholars, scientists, and other professionals in Wikipedia’s technical, procedural, and cultural practices. Upon course completion, participants are able to channel their unique voices to make the site more reliable, factual, and equitable for the benefit of all.

Current opportunities

Communicating Science on Wikipedia, Wednesdays at 11:00am Pacific/2:00pm Eastern, March 6–May 29, 2019

“I am a firm believer that the role of academics is to make their knowledge accessible to the public. I cherish the opportunity to research, write, and share knowledge and information that would benefit as many people as possible.”

Contributing scientific content to Wikipedia means being able to distill complex topics to a general audience who may not have a scientific background. Experts are well positioned to do this sort of ‘translating’ because they have access to the latest research and have a deep understanding of these topic areas. This course provides the technical skills and policy understanding to contribute to Wikipedia.

Participants meet virtually Wednesdays at 11:00am Pacific/2:00pm Eastern to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of scientific topics, March 6–May 29, 2019. Register now!


Leveraging the National Archives

“Wiki Education offers a compelling model for how historians can engage with the public.​”

Participants use National Archives records to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of topics related to women’s suffrage. Pulling together Wikipedia experts, tips to navigate NARA’s extensive digital collections, access to an extensive archive, and detailed Wikipedia training, this is the only skills-development course of its kind worldwide.  See upcoming opportunities!


Upcoming courses

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Past course offerings

Representing Women in STEM

“Editing and improving current Wikipedia articles sets a better standard for what Wikipedia as a public encyclopedia should look like.” *

On English Wikipedia, only 17% of biographies are about women. Participants in this course produce biographies of women scientists, add to articles of their accomplishments, and create articles about these women scientists and their works that do not exist yet. Read more…



Covering the Midterm Elections

“The public looks to Wikipedia to make informed political decisions. If I can make that information more accurate and complete, that’s a good use of my time.”

This course engages academic experts in improving Wikipedia articles on issues and candidates related to the 2018 midterm elections in the United States. Voters often consult Wikipedia seeking neutral, fact-based information as they go to the polls, and this course seeks to bolster the availability and accuracy of that information. Read more…



Wikipedia Across Disciplines

“I have come to realize that the pursuit of knowledge can be undertaken by an individual, but it can only be advanced in partnership with others.” *

Scholars collaborate across disciplines to improve a wide array of topics, including chemistry, psychology, mathematics, linguistics, and women’s studies. Read more…




Wiki Education partners with a diverse range of organizations — including institutions and academic associations — to bring this unique professional development experience to their members and faculty. To explore partnering opportunities with us, reach out to