Canadian student editors improve coverage of Canada on Wikipedia

In honor of Canada Day, we wanted to showcase some of the great work Canadian student editors in the Wikipedia Education Program’s classroom program have done to expand Wikipedia’s coverage of their country.

During the fall 2011 term, student editors in two different courses at the University of Toronto worked together to improve the article about Copyright law of Canada. Thanks to student editor Mken86 in Professor Ariel Katz’s course about intellectual property and student editors Monaghansean, Dunedin12, and Kpfroggy in Professors Siobhan Stevenson and Andrew Clement’s information studies course for working so hard to improve this important information about Canadian copyright laws—a topic we care a lot about on Wikipedia!

In the spring 2012 term, student editors in Professor Tina Loo’s environmental history course patriotically expanded the National Parks of Canada article. Because of student editors KristinaBlair, Sarah.x.g, Wongkat, Catetoma, and Quenville, readers all over the world can learn not only about the history of the parks system in Canada but about the shift toward maintaining ecological integrity with minimal human impact.

We hope you enjoyed Canada Day this year!

Jami Mathewson
Program Manager


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