An update on our monthly reports

Since Wiki Education started in 2014, we’ve been making the ED’s monthly reports to the board public. We’ve invested a lot of staff time into creating and distributing these reports in three formats: a designed PDF uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, a wikitext version published on the Wikimedia Foundation’s Meta wiki, and a full text version on this blog. Archives of all of these are listed on our page on Meta, and we also announced their availability on the English Wikipedia’s Education Noticeboard and our social media.

In June 2020, we released a survey accompanying our report and asked people who read it to fill it out. After more than a month of being up, the survey has had zero responses outside our own board, leading us to conclude that we can reduce the burden that goes into distributing the reports across different channels.

Organizationally, Wiki Education values transparency. That’s why we’ll keep making our monthly reports to the board accessible to the public. However, from now on, we’ll distribute it in only one format: A PDF uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, which we’ll add a link to on Wiki Education’s page on the Wikimedia Foundation’s Meta wiki. If you’re interested and you have an account on the Meta wiki, we encourage you to add the Wiki Education page on Meta to your watchlist so you’ll be notified when we add new reports.


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