Women in Red at UMass Lowell

Women in Red at UMass Lowell

“Working with Wiki Education opens up possibilities for how we teach, how that teaching engages the world, what our students accomplish in the classroom, and what kinds of conversations we can have about critical issues related to humanities and digital culture.”

Women in Red at UMass Lowell is a one-year project to build digital literacy capacity in higher education and address the gender gap on campus and in Wikipedia. To kick off this project, 13 UMass Lowell faculty will join Wiki Education’s synchronous Wiki Scholars course, meeting online once a week with a team of Wikipedia experts for an in-depth training about how to contribute content to Wikipedia.





500 million readers come to Wikipedia each month, looking for information they can use to shape their understanding; their behavior and voting decisions; and, ultimately, the world. Wikipedia is an important public resource that should be representative of the latest, most accurate and inclusive knowledge.

But there’s work to do. On Wikipedia, only 18% of biographies are of women. In the article about UMass Lowell only four notable alumni are listed—and all are men. 

Wiki Education and UMass Lowell are committed to making public knowledge more equitable, accurate, and complete. So, as a part of the Women in Red at UMass Lowell project, UMass Lowell is sponsoring a Wiki Scholars course to bolster the representation of historical women on Wikipedia. Selected faculty will participate in an in-depth, structured training about how to contribute content to Wikipedia, giving scholars the dedicated time and support they need to join the Wikipedia community and incorporate new digital practices into their curricula. Read more…

Course details

  • Course dates: October 1, 2019 – December 12, 2019 (10 weeks)
  • Time commitment per week: 1 hour weekly collaborative meeting, 2 hours independent work
  • Meeting time: We will select the day and time of meetings according to applicants’ availability.
  • Goal: [1] Selected faculty will develop two Wikipedia biographies of notable women in the region or in their field. [2] They will also create Wikipedia curriculum activities for at least one course they are teaching. 
  • Cost: The UMass Lowell College of Education, UMass Lowell Libraries, and the Center for Women & Work have sponsored 13 seats in this course. Participation for accepted UMass Lowell faculty is free.


Downloadable syllabus


Expectations of participants

  • Accepted participants must be current full-time faculty with teaching responsibilities (tenure track or clinical) and should be intending to continue working at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell during the 2019–2020 and 2020–2021 academic years in this capacity.
  • No experience with Wikipedia is required or expected.
  • Available for virtual meetings on Zoom, weekly for one hour. 
  • Participants commit 3 hours/week, including a one-hour weekly class and independent work.
  • Participants will make significant contributions to at least two Wikipedia articles about notable women by the end of the course.
  • Participants must have access to the internet and a computer.
  • Participants will fill out short surveys at the beginning and end of the course, and select participants will get the opportunity to be featured on Wiki Education’s blog.


“There is nothing more satisfying than providing content for the world’s most accessible platform for anyone to see, respect, and admire. And in the end, I gained far more than I donated.”


Questions about participating or applying? Send an email to Customer Success Manager Samantha Weald at samantha@wikiedu.org

Interested in buying out a customized professional development course for faculty at your own institution? Contact Director of Partnerships Jami Mathewson at jami@wikiedu.org.