Authorship Highlighting improvements

We recently launched an awesome new feature to the Dashboard’s Authorship Highlighting, thanks to volunteer open source developer Bailey McKelway. Bailey is a full-stack developer who recently graduated from Fullstack Academy in New York City, and judging by the sophisticated work he’s done on the Dashboard, he’s got a strong software development career ahead of him. Here’s Bailey to explain his new feature (and he also wrote a technical post about it on his blog). – Sage Ross, Chief Technology Officer

Demonstration of scrolling to the first highlighted contribution by a student
Click the arrow to scroll to an editor’s highlighted contributions.
Demonstration of scrolling back to the top after the last contribution is reached
Once you’ve reached the last contribution, click again to scroll back to the first one.
Demonstration of switching between students
Check for different students’ contributions as you scroll through the page.

So you may have noticed there is a new feature within the Authorship Highlighting view. Now you will be able to scroll to a user’s revisions just by clicking a button.

This makes it much easier to find revisions that students have made to articles. All you have to do is click the arrow next to the user’s name at the bottom and the page will scroll to the user’s revisions!

By clicking the arrow for the first time, this will scroll the selected student’s first edit to the top of the page. Continuing to click the arrow will scroll to the next revision that is currently not in view.

After clicking the arrow at the last revision the page will scroll back up to the first revision.

If you switch to a different user, then the feature is smart enough to scroll to the new editor’s closest edit below the current edit. If there are no edits below the current edit then it scrolls to the first edit made by the editor.

If you scroll to a revision and all the current revisions are currently in view, then the page will “bump” signifying there are no other edits.

Hope you all enjoy the new feature!

– Bailey McKelway


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