91% of instructors say they’ll teach with Wikipedia again

At the end of each term, the Wiki Education Foundation asks Classroom Program instructors to reflect on their experience. That data helps us improve the tools and support we offer to instructors. It also gives us a chance to see the real impact of the Wikipedia writing assignment on instructors and students.

The result was great to hear:

  • 91% said they will, or plan to, teach with Wikipedia again.
  • 96% of instructors were happy with their support from program managers.
  • 94% of the instructors who reported using our Dashboard tool felt it was useful or very useful.

Here’s what some instructors told us:

  • “The Assignment Design Wizard, Dashboard, and handouts were all great. Most of all, though, I was impressed by the offers of assistance from the [Wiki Education Foundation] staff. You made me feel quite welcome and supported as a newbie to assignment creation. Thanks!”
  • “It was as exciting as the reps assured me it would be. Every student came to class prepared for every discussion! They were as proud of themselves as I was of them. Thank you!”

We were also excited to hear about the impact the assignment made for student editors:

  • “In their reflections on the assignments, my students consistently noted that it helped them integrate and understand the course material, practice writing in an accessible way, and feel like their work in the course had an impact on the world around them.”
  • “Being able to see the results of their efforts immediately available online was a great motivator for some students. During a presentation, a student proudly pointed out the Wikipedia infobox she created that appears on the first page of Google search results on her article topic.”

One instructor shared some comments from students:

  • “I am certain that this is the feeling that some artists/playwrights get when they create and perform their work. I remember watching an interview on Okada Toshiki, and he said that he wants to change society, even if it is through a small medium like theater. They know that they are reaching an audience and making a change in some way, even if it is just a slight change. That is exactly how I feel.”
  • “It feels nice thinking that somewhere in the world, someone could be reading my page and learn something new. Since for pretty much my whole life my teacher or professor was the only one to read my writing […] it’s nice knowing that many people could read and benefit from the hard work I put into this article.”

We’re proud to be supporting instructors who are opening the doorway to such a powerful learning experience.


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