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Announcing our environmental sciences guide for student editors!

The Gulf of Maine has been a major fishing area in the Northeast Atlantic region of the US since the 1700s. It’s also warming faster than almost any other ocean on Earth. That’s having significant impacts on wildlife and New England’s fishing industry. Decreasing stocks of Atlantic cod, pollock, and haddock led to the creation … Continued

What can Wikipedia assignments do that this adorable pygmy goat can’t?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But reptiles are, for most beholders, not quite as cute as a pygmy goat. This human gravitation toward fuzzy, baby-eyed animals is actually a big problem for environmentalists struggling to preserve endangered and threatened species. Call it the “tyranny of the cute.” When it comes to conservation … Continued

Announcing: Genes and Proteins

We’re pleased to announce a new handbook for students writing articles about genes and proteins for classroom assignments. When we started creating our Ecology handbook, we wanted to create a guide for students interested in sharing information about life on Earth. When we set out to create a biology handbook for students, we found there was … Continued

A New Dashboard for 2016

Wiki Ed is welcoming the new year with a new Dashboard system! The new Dashboard has two major new features. There’s an online training system built in for instructors and students, and a new onboarding system. The New Instructor Orientation is available to anyone who hasn’t recorded their name and email address on the Dashboard. … Continued

New handbooks for writing species and chemistry articles

The Wikipedia Year of Science 2016 is on the horizon, and the Wiki Education Foundation is pleased to announce two new science-focused subject guides. These guides explain explain everything students need to contribute in two subjects areas: Species articles, such as plants and animals, including creating information boxes (taxoboxes). Chemistry topics, such as compounds and … Continued

Chanitra Bishop: 5 ways Wikipedia can help teach research and critical thinking skills

In this post, Chanitra Bishop, Web and Digital Initiatives Librarian at Hunter College, draws from her experiences using Wikipedia in classrooms and libraries. Her recommendations are useful for framing classroom discussions during Wikipedia assignments, or can operate as stand-alone media literacy exercises to complement any kind of assignment.  When it comes to doing research, Wikipedia may … Continued