New resources for students in cultural anthropology and LGBT+ studies courses

Wiki Education’s Classroom Program exists to create a bridge between academia and Wikipedia. Our systems of support are ever-evolving to fit the needs of the growing number of students and staff we help, meaning we continually improve resources and create new ones in response to feedback from program participants.

We’re excited to announce two new subject-specific brochures for students editing Wikipedia articles related to cultural anthropology and LGBT+ studies. PDFs of these resources are available for download on Wikimedia Commons here and here.

While our online trainings prepare students for Wikipedia’s general mechanisms and policies, subject-specific brochures provide supplemental guidance for editing in particular topic areas. Instructors who create a course page on the Dashboard can see the full array of free brochures we offer, which cover a variety of topics including women’s studieshistorybiographiessociology, and more.

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