Video helps medical students edit Wikipedia

Student editors in Wiki Education’s program who contribute to medical topics have a new resource available to them in their online training modules this fall: A how-to video specifically related to contributing medical content to Wikipedia.

The video was a joint project between Osmosis, University of California San Francisco Professor Amin Azzam, and Wiki Education. Osmosis is a learning platform used by many medical students, with an Open Osmosis initiative to create open educational resources in medical topics. In collaboration with Wiki Project Med Foundation, Osmosis has released hundreds of videos under a free license on Wikimedia Commons so reliable information on medical topics in video form can be embedded in Wikipedia articles on those topics. Dr. Azzam has been a longtime instructor in Wiki Education’s program, and passionately advocates for other medical school faculty to teach with Wikipedia through Wiki Education’s programs.

The five-minute video covers how to find medical topics to improve, how to cite according to Wikipedia’s guidelines for reliable sources for medical articles, how to use sandboxes, and how to avoid plagiarism. It was crafted by Osmosis’s Mihir Joshi with input from Osmosis’s Rishi Desai, Wikipedia’s James Heilman, USCF’s Dr. Azzam and Evans Whitaker, and Wiki Education’s LiAnna Davis. You can watch the video below, or find it in our Editing Medical Topics online training.


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